Venus Angelic Mom, Married, Husband, Cheating, Boyfriend, Height

Venus Angelic Mom, Married, Husband, Cheating, Boyfriend, Height

Recently, we are witnessing an upsurge in the number of young people who have consciously chosen to alter their natural looks in favor of the doll-like appearance. The social media sensation, Venus Angelic, is one of such youngsters who would not look out of place if sighted through the window of a kiddy’s toy shop although the only giveaway would be that she is life-size.

Fans have voiced their diverse opinions about the doll-like looks of Venus, a good percentage of the public see her as pretty while others think she is pretty odd but what we cannot dispute is that as a doll, Venus Angelic is unbelievably convincing, you would really need to look very close to being convinced otherwise.

Venus Angelic is an internet star who is popular on social media for her amazingly great sense of fashion and her doll-like looks. She owes her popularity across social media platforms to her YouTube videos which offer tutorials to young girls desiring to turn themselves into a living doll. One video titled How to Look Like a Doll has amassed over 5 million views but her YouTube channel itself has accumulated a total of 96 million views and 650,000 subscriptions.


From all indications, the internet star’s mother Margaret Palermo is in full support of her daughter’s bizarre hobby and she is anathema to any suggestion that there is something strange about her daughter. According to Margaret, Venus is complete innocent who does not smoke, does not drink, does not have time for boys, and above all, takes her studies seriously.

Margaret further disclosed that Venus Angelic has always enjoyed dressing up right from childhood and her internet adventure is just an extension of her childhood hobby which she is very good at and which as far as she can see, is doing no harm to her daughter and she (Margaret) will not lift a finger to stop her. Venus’ mother defended her daughter’s hobby by saying that as a parent, you have to see reasons with your child, that kids will always find ways to do what they want to do no matter how you forbid them, so, you just have to try to support and channel them in the right direction.

It is worthy of mention that Margaret who works as a local optician’s aid is the sole parental influence in Venus’ life and perhaps her father would likely not be comfortable with his little daughter dressing up like a doll and from what we gathered, mentioning the name of Venus’ father is like a taboo, all Margaret said was that she met him as a teenager studying in Switzerland and they got married after dating for a while. She gave birth to Venus at the age of 21 but unfortunately, their marriage was dissolved, and she raised her daughter alone.

Is Venus Angelic Married? Husband, Cheating, Boyfriend

Talking about her love life, the human doll phenomenon got married to a Japanese, Manaki Okado, who is older than her by six years. According to the porcelain doll, they met online but were only able to see each other physically when Manaki came to Disneyland to see her and her mum. Her relationship and ultimate marriage to Manaki embittered the mother-daughter relationship between Venus Angelic and her mum and consequently set off a public family feud. Margaret, who feels cheated as Venus leaves to join her husband, turned against her and according to Venus, she is currently posting false comments on her behalf.

Venus Angelic Mom, Married, Husband, Cheating, Boyfriend, Height
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Height And Body Stats

Anybody sighting Venus for the first time would be completely forgiven if their initial thought ran to a life-size china figurine, with her big blue-green eyes outlined by thick, dark lashes, a mouth that would shame the perfect Rosebud, her porcelain pale complexion, and hair which is usually styled into tousled blonde bunches as they hang on both sides of her face. She epitomizes the perfect porcelain doll, but the difference is that Venus Angelic is not sitting on a shelf of a kiddie’s toy shop. She is a healthy, living, breathing teenager who has consciously chosen to package herself as a living version of Barbie.

The living Barbie stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches which is highly likely to increase as she is still developing, her weight which is 50 kg or 110lbs also has the potential to change as she transforms into a full-grown woman. The summary of her body statistics is 34-26–35 and she comes with beautiful blue-green eyes and blond hair.

But wait a minute, it appears that Venus’ looks are far from natural, everything is completely manufactured – from the baby powder to lighten her naturally darker complexion, to her lightened hair and eyebrow, and the opaque contact lenses which make her irises look bigger than normal. Her accomplice is her mum Margaret who makes it her business to grab the peroxide bottle monthly to bleach her daughter’s hair which is naturally dark.