Veronika Black – Bio, Facts, Everything To Know About The Cosplayer

Cosplay or costume play is an act that has its root as far back as the 19th century. It is a phenomenon or art where several participants referred to as cosplayers adorn costumes that depict certain characters or personas. Over the years, modernization has acted on the art such that is has aroused the interest of millions. But today, you will not make a list of top 10 cosplayers without the name of the curvaceous Angelina Jolie’s look-alike Veronika Black being on it.

Veronika Black is among the models who have taken modeling to a different dimension. Her style, which is next to none, has earned her 2.2 million followers on Instagram. However, the irony in all this is that the Instagram celebrity never had a flare for cosplay initially. As a matter of fact, she was working as a shop assistant when people started mistaking her for the American actress, . But how did a former shop assistant transit to a blossoming showbiz career just by looking like someone else? Find out below…

Veronika Black – Biography

Veronika Black was born on January 31, 1988, in Vancouver,  British Columbia, Canada. Very little is known about the cosplayer. Keeping her family out of the media is one thing she has succeeded in doing as no information is available as regards her parents and her high school days. Whether she has siblings or not is still a mystery yet to be uncovered. It is however known that the Canadian national attended the University of Melbourne in Australia.

She started out by working as a shop assistant and had no interest in modeling. However, the occasional compliment that she is a look-alike of the popular American action movie star,  made her get her priorities straight and decided to make a career out of cosplay.

Facts And Everything You Should Know About Veronika Black


The first step that Veronika Black took in becoming an exceptional model was to get a breast augmentation and lip fillers in 2011. It is estimated that the cost of her nose, breast and lip fillers job is worth £15,000. These surgical procedures have made people to compare her to Angelina Jolie.

The 5-feet-7-inch tall cosplayer wasn’t in a hurry to be seen after being frequently referred to as Jolie’s look-alike as she only made her first Instagram post on September 23, 2013. At first, it was all about selfies and other photos of hers but once she began trending and garnering page views and likes, she repositioned herself as a model and began to attract modeling contracts to her name.

The Instagram celebrity has a particular set of fans that have access to her uncensored photos. These uncensored pictures are not for viewers below 18 years of age and there are certain criteria which one must meet in order to have access to these pictures.

Veronika Black created an eponymous shop on Etsy where she has sold photos of her cosplay of legendary video game character Lara Croft from the Lara Croft movie franchise. She is active on social media, however, she is most active on .

Personal Life – Is She Married, Single, or Gay?

The social media personality is not like every other conventional lady. Her relationship life is not what she finds funny. Apparently, the model is not gay as she has a thing for much older men and does not fancy men in her age bracket. However, Veronika is single at the moment; her previous relationship which lasted for about five years reportedly ended in 2017 and she is currently open for a relationship, even though she has not been lucky.

According to the model, men are threatened by her looks; while some are being judgemental, others feel she is too expensive to maintain. There are some who are of the view that due to her jaw-dropping physique, so many men would want a taste of her flesh which would make her promiscuous.


But on the contrary, Veronika Black claims to be down to earth and easy going just like everyone else. She claims that men who come around her just to fulfill their sexual fantasies are disappointed when they are hit by the reality that she is much more than that. For the model, cosplay is just a profession and lifestyle and not a bait for sexual entanglement.

Net worth and Salary

Models generally do not have fixed salaries as their income is calculated based on their contractual agreements summed up on an annual basis because as a matter of fact, they are majorly on contracts. In as much as Veronika Black has wide publicity, there is no publicly released estimate of her net worth (probably still under review).

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