Vicki Li Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Vicki Li is a gorgeous Asian model who is notable for her cute face and extremely sexy physique. This young lady’s rise to fame is a very surprising one as out of the millions of people who upload pictures online, her casual selfie went viral and before she could get the hang of the whole thing, modeling jobs came knocking at her door. Moreso, she was featured in a music video by the singer, Jason Chen and has even won the Miss Hot Imports Night competition.

It is also inspiring to know that the young hottie has brains to complement her beauty, as she is currently pursuing some professional qualifications. Read on as we fascinate you with all the interesting facts about Vicki Li in this piece.

Vicki Li’s Biography

Vicki Li made her entrance into the world on the 31st of July 1993 and she was born to Asian parents. Her family later relocated from China to the United States precisely Houston, Texas, which was where Vicki was raised. During her childhood days, the model was a shy girl and she spent most of her time reading or drawing Chinese comics.

Where she attained her basic education is not known but the model revealed that she picked up interest in dance during her high school days and this prompted her to become an active member of the school’s dance unit. Moreso, it is said that Vicki Li is studying to become a Petroleum Engineer, but it is possible that she might switch over to major in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Supply Chain.

Coming to her career, it won’t be wrong to say that Vicki Li stumble into stardom as she merely uploaded pictures of herself on Tumblr which later became very popular and paved the way for her to get modeling job offers. It is on record that her first job was to model for the clothing line called Kineda and her pictures also spread like wildfire after the photoshoot. Sometime in March 2015, the model graced the cover page of Amped Asia and a few months later, she appeared in Jason Chen’s music video titled ‘Bittersweet’.

It is interesting to know that in spite of her rising fame in the industry, the Asian beauty does not have plans to have a prolonged career as a model. According to Vicki, she is skeptical about her career as a model being able to meet her needs, besides, she is not ignorant of the fact that models roughly have a 10-year active career. This is the main reason she wants to study hard to get other opportunities when the need arises.

Facts To Know About Vicki Li

1. Vicki Li has been named on various list of Famous Instagram Stars as well as emerging as Miss Hot Imports Night in 2015.

2. Her alias on her social media platforms as well as for work purposes is ‘Vickybay Beee’

3. She loves to go on vacations and her favorite destination is Hawaii which is so because of the warm reception from the people coupled with the fact that her family also loves the place.

4. The greatest difficulty Vicki encountered in her life was when she moved to the United States but she later saw it as an opportunity to enlarge her perspective by mingling with diverse people.

5. Her preferred drinks include the Hennessey Privilege Drink and Remy Martin 1738.

6. The model finds Chinese Reddit very interesting as she revealed that it has amazing things in it.

7. Vicki Li also revealed that she does not go to bed early, stating that her usual bedtime is 5 a.m.

8. For her romantic preference, she looks out for features like honesty, reliability, someone who is caring, kind, and fun to be with when choosing her man.

9. Vicki is notable for her boobs which are more than average for a girl her size but they definitely suit her.

10. It is also worthy to note that the model has plans to travel around the world, go for sky diving, build a successful career, and have a happy home before she dies.

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