Victoria Granucci – Bio, Facts About John Mellencamp’s Ex-Wife

Victoria Granucci – Bio, Facts About John Mellencamp’s Ex-Wife

While some people would do anything to be famous and stay in the spotlight, some others have the fame but would do anything to stay away from the spotlight and the privileges that come from being famous. This ironic twist is the story of the former wife of John Mellencamp (multi-award-winning singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer), Victoria Granucci.

Although Granucci didn’t become famous by getting married to the legendary rock and roll star, her marriage to him brought her closer to the limelight. However, she prefers a simple and quiet life – before her marriage to John, while married to him, and even after the marriage ended. Here is all you need to know about the woman in whose arms John Mellencamp found love for the second time.

Victoria Granucci Biography

Victoria Granucci was born on 26th November 1958. That is just about the only info known about her background as she will not reveal facts about her parents, siblings, and childhood. Concerning her educational background, it is a known fact that she went to high school but the name of the institution is not known and there are no facts available to prove she attended college.

Before her marriage to John Mellencamp, Vickky already had a booming career in the entertainment industry, working as an extra on the set of films and music videos. Some of the films and TV shows she worked on as an extra are Happy Days, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, Chips, Love Boat, Grease, and many more.

She became more famous after working as an extra on Grammy-award winning rock and roll singer John Mellencamp’s music video. Their love story actually began with a blind date. According to sources, John saw Vicky’s picture at a friend’s house and persuaded the friend to invite her over. Mellencamp was reportedly still married to his first wife Priscilla Esterline at this time. After the date, the duo began dating and John would later divorce Priscilla to marry Victoria in 1981.

Victoria Granucci’s marriage to the singer further made her famous. After tying the knots in 1981, the couple relocated to Indiana and in July of the same year, they welcomed their first child together; a daughter named Teddi and another named Justice came in 1985.

Granucci also appeared on stage alongside her husband in the music video of the song – Jack and Diane. The video brought Victoria a fair amount of fame across America and internationally. She returned to a life of privacy when her marital relationship with John came to a halt due to John’s infidelity.

Other Facts About John Mellencamp’s Ex-Wife

  • Life after divorce from John Mellencamp

After the divorce, John Mellencamp remarried and moved on with his life but Vicky has remained single ever since. She left Indiana to reside in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and retired from her job as an actress to live a life far from the eyes of the public.

Victoria Granucci – Bio, Facts About John Mellencamp’s Ex-Wife
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She rather chose to devote her time caring for her children. Her first daughter Teddi is an actress and was featured in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Teddi is married to Edwin Arroyave and they have two lovely children – Cruz Arroyave and Slate Arroyave. According to Teddi, her mom is just focused on being a grandma and Victoria also confirmed she is enjoying her role as a grandmother.

Although her marriage to John didn’t have a happily ever after ending, Victoria once told in an interview that she is still very close to John’s family since they share two children.

  • Her net worth

Victoria Granucci does not have her net worth open to the public. Notwithstanding, her ex-husband is one of the richest in the entertainment industry with a net worth of $25 million. Meanwhile, Victoria is no longer in the showbiz industry and is said to currently work at a bar, specifically Reilly’s North End Pub.

  • Body features

The former actress is of average height and so far, there is no information about her exact body measurements. She is blonde-haired and has no real presence on any social media platform.