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Victoria Vantoch is an American writer, famous for writing the infamous book “The Threesome Handbook.” Call her a sexpert, Victoria is a sexuality historian. She is also a journalist with most of her works appearing on big media houses like The Los Angeles Times, U.S. News & World Report, and The Washington Post.

Victoria Vantoch Married/Husband

Vicki is married to Misha Collins, if you’re a fan of the CW TV series Supernatural then you know him as the angel Castiel, a role he has been portraying since 2008.

Misha married Vicki on October 6, 2001, and the pair has since remained a couple. They met while in high school, where they attended the same English class where Misha was the only boy. The couple renewed their vows in 2011 at a supermarket where they dressed in drag.

They share two children together, a son named West Anaximander Collins, born on September 23rd, 2010, and a daughter named Maison Marie, born September 25, 2012.

And if Vicki chooses to listen to what her two kids said, then a third child could be on the way…

Victoria’s husband Misha was born Dmitri Tippens Krushnic on August 20, 1974, in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents are Richard Krushnic and Rebecca Tippens.

Since childhood, he was nicknamed Misha after his mother’s Russian ex-boyfriend and the name stuck. His other stage name Collins was his great-grandmother’s maiden name. He chose the name Misha Collin as he thought it would flow a lot better with respect to acting.

After graduating from Northfield Mount Hermon School. Misha attended the University of Chicago where he studied social theory. In order to get through college, Misha worked as a carpenter. He employed his carpentry skills into building a house from scratch for his family alongside most of the furniture in it.

While in college, Misha, during the Clinton Administration,  interned for four months at the White House in the Office of Presidential Personnel. Misha also worked at National Public Radio headquarters in DC. He graduated from college with honors.

Misha began his career in the late 1990s taking up small parts in TV shows like  Legacy and Chared. As he progressed he included NYPD Blue and a recurring role as Alexis Drazen in 24.

Other notable shows Misha has appeared in include; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, NCIS, Without a Trace and more. However, his biggest and most notable role came in Supernatural. His role in Supernatural has earned him two People’s Choice Awards including the 2016 award for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor.

In addition to acting, Misha is also a published poet. Some of his poems include “Baby Pants” and “Old Bones.” His poems have appeared in “The California Quarterly,” “The Columbia Poetry Review,” and other literary journals.

Misha is also a charitable person. He is the founder of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES). Founded in 2011, it holds the Guinness World Record for the most pledges to perform an act of kindness.

Victoria Vantoch Wiki/Age/Biography

Vicki has a lower celebrity status, thus very little information about her is available to the public. She doesn’t even maintain a social media account and even on her husband’s pages which is relatively active, Victoria rarely makes appearances.

Vicki was born on 30 January 1974, in Riverdale, Illinois, United States. In addition to her marriage to Misha, Victoria attracted much media attention in 2007 when she published her first book titled “The Threesome Handbook: Make the Most of Your Favorite Fantasy – the Ultimate Guide for Tri-Curious Singles and Couples.”

According to the book’s Goodreads page, it is described as “A step-by-step guide to realizing the American dream, The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three is the first book to give tri-curious men and women the inside scoop on threesomes.”

In addition to sex, Victoria also writes on other topics including; architectural preservation and fashion. Vicki attended the University of Southern California where she holds a doctorate in history. She has taught history to college students and lectured at venues such as the Library of Congress, and the National Air and Space Museum.

Her second book, published in 2013 is titled “The Jet Sex: Airline Stewardesses and the Making of an American Icon.”

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

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