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He may not be as active as he used to be in the world of wrestling but make no mistake about it, Vince McMahon still runs things and is not set to stop anytime soon. Many young ones may not know him because he is no longer an active wrestler, but older fans of the WWE will surely remember him by the many championships he won and the awards he accrued.

Vince McMahon is currently the Chairman, CEO as well as a majority owner of WWE. He also founded Alpha Entertainment, a holding company of the American football league XFL. Before he attained such heights, Vince was once a professional wrestler, a wrestling promoter, an American Football executive, an actor, a producer and a businessman. Besides all of those, he was also a wrestling announcer best known by the ring name Mr. McMahon which soon formed his character in the business even though it was coined from his surname.

Bio and Age

The wrestling legend was named Vincent Kennedy McMahon at birth on August 24, 1945, in Pinehurst North Carolina. His parents are Victoria and Vincent James McMahon who got separated when McMahon was a baby causing the father to leave the family before his younger son had the opportunity to get to know him. At separation, his mother took him while his father took his elder brother. His mother Victoria remarried numerous times which meant that he had to endure living with a string of stepfathers including one who was abusive to his mother and himself. This was the same man whose surname he grew up with when he was called Vinnie Lupton. He attended Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro Virginia, graduated in 1964 and moved on to the East Carolina University where he graduated from in 1968.

Vince McMahon’s journey to being a wrestling champ began when he met his wrestling promoter father Vincent J. McMahon for the first time at the age of 12 and picked an interest in his line of work. He expressed his interest in being a wrestler but his father would not hear of it, so he settled for accompanying his father to work as often as he can manage. After he graduated from the university, he took up a job as a traveling salesman but that did not last. The year after his graduation and still against his father’s blessing, he took up a position at the WWWF’s All-Star Wrestling as an in-ring announcer. From this first gig, he never looked back and has only gone from one level to the next in the wrestling world.

As an announcer, he promoted his first card at a small territory in Maine in 1971. His next big gig happened in the same year when he was made a play by play commentator replacing Ray Morgan for television matches. Vince soon became a force to reckon with as he worked hard at assisting his father’s company, tripling TV syndication and began the move to have the company renamed to World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

In 976, he was given credit for being the mastermind of the very publicised match between  and Antonio Inoki which was a big deal and fetched a huge turnover. This only bolstered his fame so that by 1979, the young and zealous Mcmahon alongside his wife, founded their own wrestling company which they named Titan Sports. The new company soon got integrated into his father’s Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) which Vince took over when the older McMahon became too ill to continue.

Under his rule, the company made a huge progress signing many more talents and campaigning outside his region because, at the time, professional wrestling was run by regional promotions. He soon signed  and made him a megastar which certainly drew the attention of rival companies. He expanded the company’s audience by incorporating music and pop stars into the storyline, this was the beginning of The Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection which was also aired on MTV.

Vince McMahon birthed Wrestlemania when he ran the first edition at the Madison Square Garden On March 31, 1985, to the absolute delight of fans worldwide. By the 1990s, he created what was referred to as WWF Attitude. Still keeping his ownership of the company on the down-low, he got involved in the storyline and soon became known as the evil Mr. McMahon.

Subsequently, after McMahon was outed as the owner of WWF, he went on to engage in a whole lot of feuds with wrestlers, some which were staged and others which were real. Among the most famous were his feud with , D-Generation X, , , Bret Hart, and The Legacy.

Other than the WWE, Vince McMahon has proven that he is a true entrepreneur by venturing into other fields and succeeding there. He began the World Bodybuilding Federation in 1990 and was involved in the starting of the WWE Network – a streaming service. In the year 2000, he had ventured into American Football but this was not very successful and soon folded.

Vince McMahon’s Family – Wife, Daughter, Brother

McMahon met his wife Linda McMahon in church when she was 13 and he was 17. They courted for a few short years that saw Vince propose to her while she was in high school. They eventually got married on August 26, 1966, when Linda was just 17 and Vince was 21 at New Bern, North Carolina.

Linda is the current American SBA Administrator and was one time WWE CEO.  She was born on October 4, 1948, to Evelyn and Henry Edward in New Bern, North Carolina. She studied French and graduated in 1979. Growing up, she loved playing basketball and baseball. Their union produced two children; Shane and Stephanie who are also involved in the family business WWE.

Stephanie was born in 1976 in Hartford Connecticut and attended Greenwich Country Day school, Greenwich High School where she graduated from in 1994 before moving on to Boston University to earn a degree in communications in 1998.

Stephanie was groomed into the family business where she has been all along. She doubles as a professional wrestler, a valet, the Chief Brand Officer of WWE and serves as the on-screen commissioner of the WWE Brand. She is married to a legend in the wrestling world; Paul Michael Levesque with the ring Name ‘Triple H’. The duo got married on October 25, 2003.

Vince McMahon’s son , born in 1970, once won the WW European Championship and the WWF Hardcore Championship. He is an American Businessman, a professional wrestler and a minor shareholder of WWE. He is also the deputy Chairman of seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. He is 6ft 2inches tall, weighs 104kg and is married to ; the commissioner of Smackdown Live.

The WWE Mogul has an older brother who had gone with his father at the time of their parents’ separation. As a result of this, the two did not grow up together.


In all, Vince McMahon has a total of six grandchildren even though he still looks fit and healthy as a horse as a grandfather. His daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H have three girls; Vaughn Evelyn, Murphy Claire and Aurora Rose Levesque.

And his son Shane who is married to Marissa Mazola has three boys; Declan born on February 13, 2004, Kenyon born March 26, 2006, and Rogan born on January 20, 2010.


Vince McMahon is 1.88m tall and weighs about 111kg and he is worth 2.6 billion USD according to Forbes Rating 2018.

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