Vinesauce Joel – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

Every king has his castle and when it comes to the Vinesauce streaming channel on Twitch, Vinny Pizzapasta is definitely the head that wears the crown. However, all the accolades for making the Vinesauce community as successful as it is today does not accrue to him alone. It also has a lot to do with Vinesauce Joel, a non-founding member of the collaborative who is unarguably the most popular streamer on Vinesauce, second only to Vinny.

Since joining Vinesauce in 2011, Joel has contributed more than anyone to its success, and to think that his dedication to the stream started from something as simple as a reply to his comment from Vinny. Joel’s streaming style and persona are weird and crazy and the Vinesauce community would not have it any other way. The streamer is known mostly for his streams for his Windows Destruction experiments and DOS madness streams.

Vinesauce Joel’s Biography

The Twitch streamer was born Joel Varg Jarvison on August 29, 1993. He was born in his home country – Sweden. Concrete details of his formative years such as his education and identity of all family members remain private, however, the internet personality had a lot of weird experiences as a child with many of them pointing to his life long love for games.

Joel recalls the time of his life when he was around 6 years old. He would create a pillow fortress in his room and keep himself holed up within it while he played with his CRT TV and his Nintendo 64. He was also a fan of comic books like The Phantom and also dabbled in adult entertainment. On one occasion during his childhood, he changed his father’s desktop image to Playmate legend . He managed to convince his dad, that it was caused by a virus.

Joel’s love for gaming never left him as he entered his teenage years. He loved to watch live-game streams on platforms like Twitch. This was how he first stumbled onto Vinesauce in May 2011 after he followed an advert of Vinny’s Spore stream on 4chan’s/v/board. His interest was piqued when he saw the little community Vinny had built so he decided to drop a message on the chat asking Vinny if he was just another streamer who did not care to reply to the community in the chat.

He was surprised when he got a response from Vinny as he wasn’t expecting one. This convinced him to fully immerse himself in the community and get to know all the streamers and viewers. He was also hands-on within the community, sometimes making art for the streamers to use in their streams. Vinny took notice of his participation and started to invite him to some of his streams. On one of Vinny’s Mario Retardy streams, Vinesauce Joel made a real mess of himself due to being drunk at the time. His antics endeared the viewers to him – an experience he considered an honor.

His popularity within the Vinesauce community continued to grow, causing Vinny to offer him a place as a guest streamer as a reward for his contributions to the Vinesauce site. However, Joel initially turned down the offer as he didn’t see himself fitting in that space. He took up the opportunity a few months later though, after deciding to give streaming a try. He was an instant success and in those early days, he was known for his thick Swedish accent that saw him utter heavily accented pronunciations of words.

Joel’s first stream was of the 1993 hit game known as DOOM. The response from the community was enough to convince Vinny to promote him to full-time Vinesauce streamer. This precluded a period where Vinesauce Joel also streamed other games like GTA IV, Half-Life, and Metal Gear Solid 2.

Other Facts About Vinesauce Joel

1. His rivalry with Rev is well-documented

Joel is one that is committed to making his craft as believable as possible. He is willing to do almost anything to please the community – and that includes having a feud with his fellow streamers. Vinesauce Joel, for the past 5 years of his time on Vinesauce has maintained a well-documented rivalry with the third most popular Vinesauce streamer Revscarecrow.

The two have been trying to get each other to do some of the craziest things in their game streams. In fact, Joel took it a step further when he released The Revnarok Album, detailing his “hatred” for Rev. It turns out that the two are actually really good friends and their on-stream rivalry is scripted.

2. Joel’s accounts were hacked in 2015

Joel lost control of his YouTube and Twitch accounts when someone hacked into them on November 4, 2015. The hacker was later found to be a person that went by the identity Towel.

Towel’s hacking history was well known as he had also done the same to YouTuber as well as other social media personalities. Towel played around with Vinesauce Joel’s channels and did everything from uploading videos to banning almost every commenter on Joel’s Twitch account.

The hacker retained control of the accounts for about a week. On November 10, six days after the hack, Vinesauce Joel was able to access his accounts again.

3. He made games as a teenager

Besides sitting in front of the screen with a controller on his hands, Joel also loves to make games. As a teenager, he made some of his own games, most of which were RPGs. One of his most popular was called BBQ Quest, also known as Grill Sasen. He designed the RPG in 2007 and updated it in 2009. However, the game remained that way until Vinesauce’s 2015 charity stream when the Vinesauce community made kind donations to have it updated.


Everything You Need To Know

  1. Vinesauce Joel is not much of a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog because of some unpleasant childhood memories he had with a younger kid and Sonic the Hedgehog card collection.
  2. As a kid, he once searched for the term “fat boobies” on his father’s PC. He didn’t wipe the history when he was done and his father’s colleagues at work would later see it on his search history.
  3. In August 2015, the streamer decided to go all out and completely shave off his hair. At the time, he was said to look like American heavy metal musician, Phil Anselmo.
  4. He suffers from type 1 diabetes, a condition he has since learned to live with.
  5. Joel used to be an addictive smoker, his fans believe that this is probably why his voice sounds like that of someone much older than his age.
  6. As a kid, he used to enjoy throwing sand at girls in the playground. On one occasion he was caught and his mother came to his defense.
  7. Joel’s father is known simply as Kermit to all his friends and the entire Vinesauce community.

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