Wagner Moura – Bio, Height, Weight, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Wagner Moura – Bio, Height, Weight, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Only a handful of South Americans have made it big in Hollywood and Wagner Moura is obviously among the few. Famous for his portrayal of Pablo Escobar in the 2015 series Narcos, Wagner has to his credit several other outstanding works both in television series and films which have been listed as Woman on Top, Behind the Sun, The Three Marias, Elite Squad, Elysium, and Trash. Besides being cast in internationally acclaimed movies, Wagner has also landed several awards as well as received a number of nominations. The talented actor is also a known Journalist, musician, and director.

Wagner Moura Bio

Wagner Moura celebrates his birthday on the 27th of June and his year as well as his place of birth is on record as 1976 in Rodelas, Bahia, Brazil. He is, therefore, a Brazilian by virtue of his heritage and is said to be a Roman Catholic.

During his high school days, Moura was fascinated by Performing Arts and this prompted him to be a part of his school’s Performing Art Group; he was featured in several school plays. However, upon completion of his high school education, Wagner Moura shifted his interest to journalism, a decision he is said to have taken as a backup plan for his acting career. He subsequently earned a degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Bahia, worked for a brief time with Bahia TV after which he abandoned his Journalism career to plunge into filming full-time.

Moura kicked off his acting career by making appearances in stage plays starting with the 1996 theatre production of A Casa de Eros, but it was in the year 2000 that he recorded his big hit in Theatre productions with his lead role in the play A Máquina which is translated as “The Machine”. Within that period, he was also featured in a couple of short films and had a cameo in the film Sabor da Paixão meaning “Taste of Passion”. In the following years, Wagner Moura was not just seen in Latino movies but was gradually working his way up the ladder in Hollywood with films like Behind the Sun, The Three Marias, God is Brazilian, Carandiru, The Man of the Year, The Middle of the World, Lower City, Elite Squad, Romance, VIPs, The Man from the Future, Father’s Chair, Elysium, Bald Mountain, and Futuro Beach.

However, it was in 2015 that Wagner Moura was launched fully into the international scene with his appearance in the Netflix sitcom Narcos, wherein he played Pablo Escobar. The role has even earned him a Golden Globe nomination under the category of Best Actor in a Drama Series in 2016. Aside from this, the talented actor is a recipient of more than 25 awards and nominations for his works in films and TV series.

Wagner Moura is also a musician and he is associated with the band Sua Mae. He sings, plays the guitar, and even writes songs for the band. So far, his music band has released only one album titled “The Very Best of the Greatest Hits of Sua Mae”; they have participated in a couple of shows in which Moura was the lead vocalist.

Wagner Moura Net Worth

The multi-talented Brazilian actor is in all ramifications, a hardworking man, and this trait has paid off pretty well over the years as sources have delved into his financial details, revealing that Wagner Moura is worth a whopping $10 million.

Wagner Moura – Bio, Height, Weight, Wife, Family, Net Worth
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His Wife and Family

Tracing his background, it came to the light that Moura’s father was a Sergeant named José Moura who worked for the Brazilian Air Force and his mother, Alderiva Moura, was a housewife. There is no mention of a brother in his family details but his sister’s name is given as Lediane.

As regards his wife, her name is Sandra Delgado Moura who is a practicing journalist and photographer. Moura and Sandra were legally joined together in 2001 and they are proud parents to 3 boys namely: Bem Moura, Salvador Moura, and José Moura.

Wagner Moura’s Height and Weight

Being a professional actor, Wagner Moura was required to gain some weight for his character as Pablo in Narcos. He later lost weight via a strict vegan diet. Moura weighs about 75 kg at the moment and his height is about 5 ft 10 inches.

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