Wallace Huo – Married, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth, Other Facts

The level of success achieved by Wallace Huo is nothing short of amazing. The Taiwanese entertainer, who is also a singer and producer, made his acting debut in 2002 and outrightly struck a deal with stardom. Huo is best recognized for his roles in At Dolphin Bay (2003), Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Swordsman (2013), Battle of Changsha (2014), The Journey of Flower (2015) and Love Me If You Dare (2015).

Who is Wallace Huo?

It was on 26th December 1979 that the thespian was birthed in Taipei, Taiwan. Named Wallace Huo Chien-hwa, he was made welcome by his family who was originally from Shandong province of the People’s Republic of China but moved to his birth country in 1949. His father, Huo Chao-Kun is from Longkou while his mother, Liu Yu hailed from Tianjin Municipality, both in the aforementioned province. His grandfather was a follower of Sun Yat-sen.

Huo’s parents worked in the court system and he also has a brother named Huo Chien-yuan who works as a police officer. His parent’s marriage ended when he was still young. With his family members working in the public service, it was expected that the younger Huo would also tow the trail already blazed by his predecessors but it seemed he had other ideas.

From his early aspirations to become a basketball player, he steered away from athletics and pitched his tent in entertainment. Wallace Huo has always loved singing since his teenage years and has aspired a career therein. Thus, he joined the business at the age of 17 and went through two years of vocal and dancing training. He burst onto the mainstream in 2000 after featuring in a cell phone commercial with Angelica Lee.

Acting Career

In 2002, having completed his military service, Wallace Huo snagged a chance to sing a theme song in the drama Star. He had signed with etKING earlier and along with singing the theme song, he landed a spot as one of the two leading actors in the drama, consequently launching his acting career. The following year, he became a hot item on producers’ plates and set a yet to be broken record by being cast in seven idol dramas. One of them, At Dolphin Bay where he portrayed the talented and capable music director Zhong Xiaogang became his ticket to fame. Others include Westside Story, Secret Garden, Great Teacher, Pretty Girl, and 100% Senorita.

In 2004, Wallace Huo made some career changing decisions as a way to further establish his presence in the entertainment sphere. After releasing his first ever solo album Start, he moved to mainland China to seek more opportunities as well as to further hone his skills. In 2005, he starred in his first wuxia drama The Royal Swordsmen where he served a melancholic portrayal of Guihai Yidao. His performance was lauded with rave reviews and proved to be the career turning point he sought.

Following his introduction to the mainstream audiences, he made his big screen debut in  Hands in the Hair (2005). He took on more roles in 2006 in dramas like Sound of Colors alongside his future wife, actress Ruby Lin, Romance of Red Dust, and Emerald on the Roof which he credited with teaching him how to act as well as having a huge impact on him. Wallace Huo further proved his versatility when he starred in an eccentric and crazy role as Li Yashou in the 2007 kungfu comedy Love at First Fight. In 2008, he starred in Chinese Paladin 3 which helped to cement his popularity in China.

From 2010, Wallace Huo had more lead roles both in films and on TV. Some of his most notable works in the decade include Detective Tanglang, Go Yi Yi Go, the acclaimed medical drama Inspire the Life, The Vigilantes in Masks, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. Other highly successful projects he has undertaken include Lord of Legal Advisors, Swordsman, his first war drama Battle of Changsha, and the film Ultra Reinforcement (2012). He set up a production company named Huajae Studio and made his first behind the scene attempt by producing the series Perfect Couple (2014) which he also starred in.

Despite the huge success he recorded prior, Wallace Huo seemed to hit his career peak in 2015. He was cast in a number of insanely successful works both on the small and big screens as well as received numerous awards for his stellar performances. Huo starred in The Journey of Flower which apart from achieving a high rating also became the first Chinese drama to surpass 20 billion online views. Other items on his resume include crime thriller Love Me If You Dare, the historical medical drama The Imperial Doctress, crime thriller Inside or Outside opposite Korean actor , romantic comedy Suddenly Seventeen and suspense thriller Hide and Seek.

He starred in other films including the 2017 sci-fi suspense film Reset, produced by the veteran actor and war film Our Time Will Come before making his comeback to the small screen in the palace drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace and was also cast in the period epic drama The Great Craftsman (2019).

Is He Married? Wife, Daughter

Wallace Huo married a Taiwanese actress, Ruby Lin (b. 27 January 1976) in July 2016 in Bali two months after they confirmed their relationship. Like her husband, she is also a singer and producer. The duo co-starred in Sound of Colors (2006) and The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011). Their first child, a daughter, Huo Hsiao-Ju nicknamed Little Dolphin was born in January 2017.

Net Worth

Wallace Huo has achieved laudable success in his career. He has also garnered a lot of fortune for his work in the entertainment industry and is living a lavish lifestyle in turn. Although some sources pegged his net worth under review, Forbes estimated it in 2017 at 75 million yuan which is approximately $11 million.

Wallace Huo Other Facts

He is nicknamed Lao gan bu and stands at 5′ 9″ (1.77 m) tall.

Huo had his education at Nan Chiang Industrial and Commercial Senior High School.

Wallace Huo had his own wax figure launched in 2016 in the Madame Tussauds Museum Shanghai.

In 2016, Huo collaborated with Hugo Boss China to become the Boss “Man of Today” spokesperson in the China Region. He also released his fashion well of Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2016 Mens suits wear.

In 2015, Huo attained a remarkable distinction as the only recipient of the Most Influential People in China for that year in the field of Performing Arts.

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