Warcraft Movie Sequel: Is It Going To Happen, When Would It Be? 

Warcraft Movie Sequel: Is It Going To Happen, When Would It Be? 

In the year 2016, fans of action fantasy films and indeed many other film watchers were thrilled with the release of Warcraft (also known as Warcraft: The Beginning), an action fantasy film that narrated the first encounter of humans with a fictional race known as Orcs. The film was written by Charles Leavitt and Duncan Jones while the latter also directed it. Warcraft is a film adaptation of a video game series of a similar name developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. As the film found its way to various screens before viewers all over the world, it made a total of $433.7 million in the Box office from a production budget of $160 million. However, despite this commendable profit margin, Warcraft was trailed with mixed reviews as some critics expressed disappointment in its storyline. Be that as it may, some others also commended the efforts of the crew and in fact began asking if there will be a Warcraft movie sequel.

Since that time, a lot has been reported, rumored, and debunked about a possible Warcraft movie sequel but it is only the facts as we know it that can set the record straight. Before we go into that in detail, let us take a bird’s eye view of all that we saw in the film and see what the possibility of a Warcraft movie sequel holds for us.

The Film Warcraft: Casts And Storyline

Main Cast Members

S/N Actor/Actress WarcraftCharacter Role
1 Travis Fimmel Anduin Lothar a half-Orc and half-human divided by the war between orcs and humans
2 Ben Foster Medivh Guardian of Azeroth known for his powerful magic
3 Dominic Cooper King Llane Wrynn King of Azeroth
4 Ben Schnetzer Khadgar a mage in training to succeed Medivh as Guardian
5 Daniel Wu motion and voice of Gul’dan founder and leader of the Horde
6 Ruth Negga Lady Taria Wrynn Queen-consort of Stormwind, King Llane’s wife, and trusted counsel
7 Toby Kebbell motion and voice of Durotan a Chieftain and noble of Frostwolf Clan, father of Goel
8 Ruth Negga motion and voice of Blackhand a chieftain of the Blackrock Clan
9 Terry Notary motion and voice of Grommash Hellscream a chieftain of the Warsong Clan
10 Robert Kazinsky Orgrim Doomhammer Frostwolf Clan second in command and Durotan’s best friend


In the film, the world of the Orcs known as Draenor is bedeviled by an evil type of magic called fel magic. As a result of this, an Orc named Gul’dan who is looking for a means of survival for his people opened a portal to Azeroth (the human world). He leads a small Warband called the Horde which captures humans who they sacrifice to keep the portal open to bring in more Orcs into Azeroth.

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As this went on, the humans led by military commander Anduin Lothar were also fighting back but soon discovered traces of magic in the deaths the Hordes are causing. As the Hordes and humans fight each other for survival, they began to ask themselves if war was really the only solution to settling the scores they have. Thus, they began to give peace a thought, it, however, turned out that there was more to the fight than they both initially thought.

The film ended with the death of Llane who in contrast to Orcs tradition had his funeral in the land of the humans. At the funeral, the humans, dwarves, and high elves formed an alliance against the orcs. Thus the ending of the film suggested that there might be a Warcraft movie sequel.

Warcraft Movie Sequel: Is It Going To Happen, When Would It Be? 

Warcraft director Jones had in the past hinted that there will be a sequel to Warcraft which will most likely be an adaptation of the second video game (Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness) in the Warcraft franchise.

A couple of years have passed since the film’s release and the possibility of a Warcraft movie sequel is becoming bleak by the day. To add to this, Duncan Jones made a tweet on June 18, 2018, and stated emphatically that the possibility of a Warcraft movie sequel “does not look good.”

Looking at the somewhat poor reception the movie recorded after its release (on RottenTomatoes – 27% Tomatometer, 77% Audience score, and 6.8/10 on IMDb), with such a poor rating for a movie of Warcraft’s caliber, it is not surprising that the plans of a sequel have been long shelved.