What Condition Did Ivar The Boneless Have and How Will He Die In Vikings Season 6?

What Condition Did Ivar The Boneless Have and How Will He Die In Vikings Season 6?

As lovers of the History TV series Vikings continue to anticipate the beginning of the sixth and final season, there have been countless speculations and spoilers about what will happen in this season and how many loved characters will find their death. Even the members of the cast have shared some tidbits to whet the appetite of their fans. One of the burning questions has been about the character of Ivar the Boneless and how he will die in Vikings season 6.

It is difficult to confirm or dispel any of the rumors though and it turns out that we all just have to wait and see to the end of the much-loved series.

What Condition Did Ivar The Boneless Have?

Like the whole of the series, the character of Ivar the Boneless is based on the historical Viking leader who invaded then Anglo-Saxon England. The plot of the series was written and created by Michael Hirst and draws its premise from the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar is a popular Legendary Norse hero who was notorious for his invasion of France and England.

Michael Hirst has revealed that since it’s uncertain what really happened during those ages because the stories were passed down from generation to generation orally and they were written close to two hundred to four hundred years after the events happened, he has taken privileges with the creation of the story, adding some dramatic effects for creative purposes.

On the show, Ragnar is portrayed as a farmer who becomes popular after he successfully raided England and became the Scandinavian King. He was supported by his family and his warriors. In the ensuing seasons, the story follows the lives and adventures of his sons as they struggle and tussle to become king.

Ivar the Boneless, is the youngest son of Ragnar and was born with broken legs and weak bones which is why his father called him “The Boneless”. He was conceived on one of his father’s returns from the England raid. His mother (Aslaug) warned Ragnar against sex for 3 days as the health of any child they conceive might be threatened. But after being away for a long time, Ragnar was consumed with lust and couldn’t wait that long to bed his wife so Ivar was born with twisted, weak, and broken legs.

After he was born, his parents feared he will have a difficult life and Ragnar suggested that he be killed. While his mother refused, his father attempted to kill him but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

While growing up, Ivar the Boneless experienced intense pain because of his physical condition and was always treated differently among his brothers. He was treated like an outcast.

What Condition Did Ivar The Boneless Have and How Will He Die In Vikings Season 6?
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To hide his inner pain, he grew up arrogant, cruel, selfish, and deviant. He also discovered that he was impotent after his brothers arranged a slave girl for him to sleep with. He killed one of his brothers – Sigurd in a fit of rage after he mocked him about his impotence. Ivar didn’t remain inactive for long as he had a blacksmith build him a metallic contraption that enabled him to walk and fight ably.

He admired his father for his fearless and successful life as a leader and loved his mother as she was the only one who paid him any form of attention while growing up, which was one of the reasons he swore vengeance on Lagertha for killing his mother (Aslaug).

Ivar the Boneless reigned after his father as the second King of Kattegat. Despite his physical disability, he is known and presented as a wise and cunning individual with copious intelligent battle strategy and mastery. Ivar is also a fearless fighter. He had unusual strength in his upper body which might be a result of him having to crawl around.

How Will Ivar The Boneless Die In Vikings Season 6?

Since the series is only loosely based on real-life occurrences, it makes it difficult to predict how Ivar the Boneless will die in Vikings season 6.

It’s uncertain if Ivar the Boneless meets his death as prophesied by the seer whom he killed in the previous season. From the prophecy, it is said that he goes into the dark and his chariot lies as broken as his legs and that a snake settles in his skull and his path strewn with filth and garbage… ‘oh, the horror!’. Nevertheless, there is no concrete description of how he will eventually die.

Although, In season 5, Ivar loses his kingship to his brother (Bjorn Ironside) after he is betrayed by the people of Kattegat and his wife (Freydis) whom he ends up killing. He then escapes and goes into self-exile. Although his whereabouts are presently unknown, it is presumed that he will resurface in the final season where he will eventually find his death.

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