What Exactly Did Louis C.K Do and What Happened To Him?

What Exactly Did Louis C.K Do and What Happened To Him?

It is very glaring that disgraced American comedian Louis C.K is trying to redeem his public image. He has been seen making appearances in various clubs, as well as hanging out with a number of comedians. It is also interesting to know that quite a good number of his fans seem happy to see the comedian back on stage, although there are still people who do not share in the excitement. Whatever the case may be, sexual harassment is not an issue that should be taken for granted but Louis still feels he has paid his dues.

Let’s fill you in on what the comedian did and the aftermath of his actions in this piece.

Who Is Louis C.K?

The American comedian Louis Székely, born September 12, 1967, is popularly referred to as Louis C.K and he is undoubtedly a notable person in the entertainment industry. His long-standing career dates as far back as the 80s when he took random jobs during his early career days. Towards the 90s, he started writing for comedians like Dana Carvey, , David Letterman as well as to name few.

Apart from his comedy gigs, Louis C.K is also known as the director of films like Tomorrow Night which was released in 1998, and Pootie Tang released in 2001. He also released his first comedy album captioned Live in Houston via his website. Subsequently, he directed and edited 9 other comedy albums within the same period.

This multi-faceted man has also been seen in moves like Blue Jasmine, American Hustle, and Trumbo. In 2016, Louis created a web series called Horace and Pete which was later followed by Baskets and Better Things.

His success is also glaring from the numerous awards he has won over the years which include Primetime Emmy Awards – on 6 occasions, 2 Grammy Awards under the category of Best Comedy Album and Rolling Stone listed Louis C.K.’s as the 4th best stand-up comic in its list of 50 compiled in 2017.

What Exactly Did Louis C.K Do and What Happened To Him?
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What Exactly Did Louis CK Do and What Happened To Him?

In November 2017, the New York Times published the statements of 5 women who made allegations that Louis CK sexually harassed them. According to their statements, the comedian was a pervert and he would intentionally get their attention just to jerk off in front of them. This is however not the first time Louis has been called out for his bad behavior as we recall the comedian Roseanne Barr severed ties with him for the same allegations in 2015. Two years later in 2017, Tig Notaro also stopped associating with him because of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct hanging on him.

A day after the allegations where made, Louis manned up to the occasion, admitting he was guilty of what they accused him of. However, making reference to the impressive admiration he has been able to get from people over the years, the comedian made it official that he was going to take a break off his career.

More so, this scandal also cost him to lose a lot of resources, as well as contracts. The Orchard opted out from distributing his upcoming film, I Love You, Daddy. Netflix and FX Networks terminated their contracts with the comedian while HBO removed him from performing in Night of Too Many Stars. The production of the animated series Cops which had Louis C.K in it was halted by TBS. The comedian was also excluded from the popular film The Secret Life of Pets 2 and it is known that Disney Channel scrapped his voice from Gravity Falls.

Louis CK’s Attempt At A Comeback

One would have thought that the gravity of Louis’ actions would mean a long break from the spotlight but that is far from what the entertainer had in mind. It took him only 9 months to recover from the backlash he got for his inappropriate behavior towards women. However, his attempt at a comeback is technically not getting a warm reception. He has even further implicated himself when he made lewd comments about what happened to him, mentioning he prefers to jerk off in front of women. It is also known that his joke about the 2018 Parkland shooting which he wanted to use to divert attention from his sexual misconduct was met with a lot of criticism.

In spite of the shortcomings he has encountered in his bid for a grand comeback, the comedian is still determined to regain his lost honor. He is set to make several performances in various clubs in the United States and to further protect his content this time around, Louis CK sent out disclaimers to the clubs he will perform in to dissuade the use of his content by the audience later on.

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