What Happened To Casey Anthony And What Is She Doing Now?
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It has been more than a decade since the corpse of the little Caylee Anthony was discovered in Orlando, Florida. This toddler who was a little above 2 years had gone missing in June 2008 but an official missing person complaint was sent in July 2008. However, all efforts to find her proved futile and the end of the search came when Caylee was found in a waste bin somewhere in Florida. This story which had lots of twists finally pointed to one culprit and that was no other person than Caylee’s mum, Casey Anthony. The young mum was eventually apprehended and accused of murder. After a rigorous trial, Casey was cleared of the charges of first-degree murder but she got some jail time for lying to the authorities. But, what happened to Casey Anthony afterward, and what has she been up to these days?

Casey Anthony is definitely one person in history who would not be easily forgotten. It is even on record that she has been named the ‘most hated mother in America’ as people did not totally agree with the court’s verdict. Though free, there is still a lot of suspicions that she is the perpetrator of the hideous crime and Caylee never got the justice that’s due to her. Here is all you need to know about what happened to Casey Anthony and what she is up to nowadays.

What Happened To Casey Anthony?

In many cases of missing person stories, it is normal for people to wait at most 24 hours before making an official statement about such a person going missing, however, that was not the case with Caylee Anthony. It is known that the toddler was gone for a whole month before it dawned on Casey that her daughter was missing. She allegedly filed a missing person’s complaint after she was persuaded by her mother to lodge an official complaint in July 2008.

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This attitude was stunning to Casey’s parents and her friends. The young mother was apparently living a very normal life from June to July 2008 without seeing her child. It was also revealed that most of the time when she was asked of the whereabouts of her kid, she will mention that Caylee was with her nanny.

When Caylee was eventually found in July 2008, it was too late as she was already dead and it appeared that she must have drowned. Her corpse was wet and the killer deposited her remains in a trash bag. At this point, Casey revealed she didn’t know what was happening and a certain man advised her to assume Caylee’s death was a lie and continue living a normal life. Although it sounded absurd, Casey Anthony actually hid his advice.

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Casey Anthony’s Trial

According to research conducted, it was discovered that Caylee’s murder caught the attention of millions of people who watched the trial proceedings. Casey Anthony was eventually detained as all facts pointed to her as the culprit. However, it was later resolved that she was not the killer but she was guilty of giving out false information and this earned her 4 years jail term.

Prior to being convicted, it is known that Casey Anthony was already in prison for 3 years, awaiting the commencement of her trial and this time was considered when her final verdict was given. The court thus slashed the 4 years imprisonment and granted her freedom on 17th July 2011 which was 12 days after she was convicted. Casey was also ordered to pay a levy of $4,000.

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What Is Casey Anthony Doing Now?

With such a horrible past to bury, Casey Anthony had no choice than to stay off the radar of the media ever since she got her freedom on July 2011. She was even employed by a private investigator, Patrick McKenna, who was assigned to her case back then and lives with him in South Florida. However, the pair are not in any sort of romantic entanglement as they have revealed.

Casey has also been trying to build her social life recently as she has been cited in parties and it was rumored that she was in a relationship. More so, she is taking a bold step to produce a movie about her life titled As I Was Told. The film which will be released sometime in 2020 according to Casey Anthony will show that she had no hand in Caylee’s murder. Sources also have it that she will be in control of the film’s editing and she intends to make it in such a way that it will finally clear her reputation for good.