What Is DMX Doing Now Since He Came Out Of Jail?

Originally scheduled to be released on Sunday, January 27th, 2019, DMX left the Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia on Friday 25th instead because his initial release date fell on a weekend. Though his run-ins with the law are getting kind of old, fans are eager to know what DMX’s life after jail has been like since he got out in early 2019.

The New York-born rapper and actor was incarcerated for one year on federal tax evasion charges. Following his release, he will be under the watchful eyes of the law for the next three years and he is also not getting off that easy as he is expected to fork out a lot of money to pay a court-ordered sum of $2.3 million in restitution to the government. However, a proper arrangement will be made to afford him the opportunity to pay in installments that would suit his monthly income.

Now that he is no longer behind bars, what have DMX’s life after jail been like so far? Let’s find out what the popular rapper has been up to.

DMX’s Life Since He Came Out Of Jail

The first thing DMX did once he became a free man again was to grab breakfast with his son and fiance in tow. Born Earl Simmons, DMX has had more than a few legal issues which started way back in the 1980s. His latest arrest and trial saw him receive a one-year sentence in March 2018 for tax fraud which he pleaded guilty to.

Following his recent release from jail, DMX seems happy to reunite with the world and has shown signs of picking up from where he stopped. Under the watchful eyes of the law which will follow him around for the next three years, the rapper has not shown any sign of staying off the radar. Instead of throwing a pity party after his release, he jumped on stage the next day, on Saturday, January 26. He got a last-minute gig at Staten Island supper club Mr. Ciao after a scheduled show was canceled for reasons yet unknown.

From the footage of the performance, the rapper seems to still have his mojo intact. He entertained the excited partygoers with hits like Party Up (Up In Here), Where’s The Hood At?, as well as Ruff Ryders Anthem during his set.

Outside the entertainment world, DMX has always made it clear that he is a Christian who reads the Bible every day. He had envisioned that he was sent to prison for a purpose, basically to meet someone and minister the word of God to them. According to the rapper, he received a divine call in 2012, thus, he is currently a transitional deacon in the Christian Church. If things work out the way he planned them, DMX might soon exchange the rap scene for the pulpit as an ordained pastor.

Previous Run-ins With The Law

DMX started paying for his life of crime in juvie. The first time he was locked up was in 1986, for stealing a dog from a junkyard, a crime he paid for with a sentence of 2 years in the juvenile unit of Woodfield Prison in Valhalla, New York. He, however, arranged a prison break with his cellmate, just weeks into his sentence. Though they succeeded and DMX returned to his home in New York, his mother made sure he turned himself in and finished his sentence, this time at the McCormick Juvenile Detention Centre in Brooktondale, New York.

Fresh out of juvie, the delinquent went back in for carjacking in 1988 and was released later in the year.

Now a public figure who is known worldwide, DMX is yet to turn a new leaf. He has been arrested multiple times for offenses ranging from resisting arrest to animal cruelty, reckless driving, driving without a license, outstanding child support, drug possession, illegal weapons possession, and identity falsification. For his numerous offenses, the Slippin hitmaker paid his dues with mostly short jail terms.

DMX has always been open about his addiction to crack cocaine which increases his tendencies to commit crimes. Hopefully, his plans to invest his time more on his faith and that calling he supposedly got in 2012 will help turn his life around.

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