What You Need To Know About YesMovies, Is It Legal And Safe To Use?

What You Need To Know About YesMovies, Is It Legal And Safe To Use?

We are in the age of streaming and it has become the most effective and convenient way to watch and download movies that you want to see because it takes away the stress of having to search for movie tickets, get dressed, and heading out to watch the film at the cinema. The only time that streaming movies consume is the hours you spend actually watching the content you selected. YesMovies is one of the premier sites that offer endless movies and television series for your viewing pleasure, all completely free.

The site has become popular over the years because of the extensive range of independent, B-movie, new releases, and old movies that it features on the platform. YesMovies began operations in January 2016 as a replacement for MovieFlix which was flagged and taken down, so it is probably owned by the same persons.

As the popularity of the site rises, so does the concern about its safety and the legality of using YesMovies. This is a valid cause for worry as you can face legal prosecution when you infringe copyrights by illegally downloading or streaming movies.

How Does YesMovies Work?

Nearly all sites where you can watch movies for free use advertising to pay for licensing rights if they are a legal business. YesMovies is a site that provides an infinite number of films and television shows for anyone to watch for free. You do not have to pay a dime, register an account, pay subscription fees, or even fill any kind of survey before you can begin using the platform to enjoy your favorite movies.

There are tons of programs that offer this service, but YesMovies seem to have perfected the formula. The videos on the platform are of superior quality and come with lots of features to improve your viewing experience and allow you to watch what you want at the touch of a button. Yeah, it is that easy to use. YesMovies has a web platform as well as an app for those who would rather consume content directly from their phones without having to open their browser.

The YesMovies app comes with a download feature so you can enjoy movies offline whenever you want.

Is It Safe to Use?

YesMovies is safe to use in the sense that it is not one of those sites that come with malware or viruses. However, there is a chance that they might be collecting your personal data for their logs, so to prevent this you might consider using a VPN to serve as a blocker and prevent the platform from accessing your information.

Is YesMovies Legal to Use?

The legality of YesMovies is a bit of a tricky issue. It offers independent movies and B-films many of which are not copyrighted and are completely legal to watch. However, the more popular content on the platform seems to be pirated from other media sites such as Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. This practice is illegal and the owners of the media can sue both the site owner and in extreme cases, the people who knowingly watch this pirated content.

While it is not all of the content on YesMovies that violates copyright regulations, this makes it partially illegal especially when it comes to Cam rips, that is content that is illegally recorded by a person in a movie cinema hall. There is actually a very little legal risk that accrues to viewers as it is very difficult to track the people who download pirated content. However, to be completely safe from the law should any problem arise, you may want to avoid using YesMovies or use a VPN when you do. The choice is really up to you.

Features of the Site and App

1. The designs are user-friendly so anyone will find it convenient and easy to use.

2. Search options and filters allow viewers to browse through the many categories and find the movie they are looking for.

3. The library is vast, well arranged, and packed with awesome content from all over the world.

4. It loads movies quickly and houses a lot of new and popular movies.

5. Viewers can request for movies they want to watch that are not yet on the platform.

6. It can be used from any geographical location.

7. YesMovies is completely free to use, you just have to make do with the occasional ad.