When Is Good Bones Season 5 Coming Out & Who Is Returning Or Leaving The Cast? 

Good Bones is an American reality show that airs on the Discovery-owned HGTV network, which is known for broadcasting reality shows on real estate and home improvements. The show first premiered on the network on March 22, 2016, and the reception was good so it was swiftly renewed for a second season after the first one ended. The show has now aired for four seasons and we know for a fact that Good Bones season 5 is forthcoming but when is it coming out? What about the people in it, who is leaving the cast and who will be returning?

Background Of Good Bones TV Show

Even though the title of the show makes it seem like a medical show that specializes in bones, it isn’t. Instead, it is about two women who go about their neighborhood tearing down houses and renovating them. Not to oversimplify it, the show follows former Defense Attorney, Karen E. Laine, and real estate agent, Mina Starsiak as they run their home renovation business, Two Chicks and a Hammer, Inc., based in their hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Apart from their professional relationship as partners in the company, the two women are also related by blood. The real estate agent, Mina, is the former lawyer’s daughter although Starsiak swears to Los Angeles Times that it is the other way around, a statement that may have been inspired by her mother’s fun and hippie personality, as she [Starsiak] put it.

Karen had Mina with her first husband, Casey Starsiak, who is an orthopedic surgeon. Mina used to spend some of her time as a waitress before she and her mother decided to start their company in 2008 after overturning a few houses in the neighborhood of Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

However, the pair haven’t always been the expert they are today in the profession. Prior to starting the company, they had no idea what they were doing, they had to keep learning on the job with the aid of manuals and YouTube videos and while they have admitted it has not been easy, they have only gotten better at it.
They did this with some houses for a couple of years before their work got noticed on Facebook in 2014 by a talent recruiter who works for HGTV. The recruiter approached them and the rest, as they say, is history.

On the show, the team focuses on the aforementioned neighborhood as well as Bates–Hendricks, downtown Indianapolis and they are determined to rejuvenate their city one home at a time, to achieve this, they buy derelict properties and renovate them into modern ones.

When is Good Bones Season 5 Coming Out?

Good Bones was renewed for another season barely a week after the fourth season was concluded. The last episode of Season 4 aired on August 20, 2019 and on the 28th, the network renewed the show for Season 5. The show’s stars took to their Instagram page @twochicksandahammer to share the exciting news with their fans.

A specific release date is yet to be announced, but according to the mother and daughter, filming for the upcoming Good Bones season 5, which will have 13 episodes, is already ongoing and it is expected to premiere in 2020, sometime between April and June.

Who Is Returning Or Leaving The Cast?

In addition to its primary stars, Laine and Starsiak, the show also features the crew that work behind the scenes. Mina’s half-brother, Tad, is in charge of the demolition, his step-father, Lenny, is the lead contractor and a person named Lonny is their Foreman.

Laine announced her retirement from Two Chicks and a Hammer on October 4, 2019. The mother chick of the family-owned rejuvenation company stated that her reason for retiring from the company she built from scratch with her daughter is so that she can have more time for her personal life, specifically so she can spend more time with her husband, Roger.

However, she would still appear in the upcoming fifth season and she would be focusing on DIY projects. Starsiak, on the other hand, is not going anywhere, she is still very much active in the company and on the show, she will also be returning for the fifth season.


They had to let Lenny go due to his high prices during season 3, he did not return for the fourth season and probably wouldn’t for Season 5 either. But apart from him, there has been no announcement that any other member of the team would be leaving so we can expect to see them return in Season 5.

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