Who are Pamela Adlon and Her Daughters? Here are Facts You Need to Know

Pamela Adlon is an actress more likely to be known to modern television fans as Marcy Runkle on Californication or Sam on Better Things. Even though her recently growing mainstream popularity might suggest that she’s a rising new act in Hollywood, she has been a professional actress since 1982, providing the voice to some of our favorite characters. By the length of her professional career, Pamela Adlon is a veteran. She started as a child actress and despite the lull in her 20s that almost took her out of popularity, she hasn’t taken her feet off the pedal.

Who is Pamela Adlon?

Pamela is one of those Hollywood stars you can’t explain how they have so many credits to their name until you learn about their family background and it finally makes sense. She is the daughter of Donald Maxwell Segall, a television comedy writer, and producer. Pamela has been inundated in Hollywood life since she was a child. Born on July 9, 1966, in Albany, New York, she has been living the Hollywood life since she was a child. From crisscrossing between the two homes of Hollywood – Los Angeles and New York to starring in film, television, and voice acting work. She was raised Jewish.

The early start Pamela had to her acting life robbed her of traditional education but she did manage to experience college life for a semester at Sarah Lawrence College.

Pamela Adlon started acting at the age of nine. She had her debut in the sequel to Grease, Grease 2, playing Dolores Rebchuck in 1982. After she made her professional debut as a child actress, she appeared in a series of films and television projects before she hit a dreaded lull in her 20s. She appeared in films like Bad Manners, Willy/Milly, After Midnight. On television, she starred in The Facts of Life, Night Court, E/R, The Redd Foxx Show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and 21 Jump Street.

As described by Adlon herself, her 20s was a critical point in her professional career that was saved by her voice acting roles. This is emphasized by her Emmy nomination and win for playing Bobby Hill on King of the Hill, an animated show that aired between 1997 to 2009.

Perhaps it is the point of the acting, but Adlon who even though she is female, is best known for voicing mostly male characters. She has voiced only just two female characters in a voice acting filmography that has over 20 films and television, including 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Time Squad, Rugrats, and Tinker Bell.

In the latter and middle-aged part of her life, Pamela Adlon got more live action roles, starring in Californication and Louie. In 2016, she started starring in Better Things, a comedy about a divorced actress raising three girls. Apart from starring on the show in the main role, she is also the show’s creator. Adlon has been nominated for several awards including the Emmy Awards for which she has received seven nominations, winning once.

In her personal life, which has been the inspiration for her successful show, Better Things, Adlon enjoys a similar low-key success just like her professional career. She was married to Felix Adlon for fourteen years in a marriage that began in 1996. During their marital life, the couple made three beautiful daughters, all of whom have followed their mother’s footsteps into the entertainment industry.

Who are Pamela Adlon’s Daughters?

As earlier mentioned, Pamela Adlon’s marriage to Felix produced three daughters. The first of the Adlon girls, Gideon Adlon was born on 30 March 1997. Like her mother, she started acting at a young age, appearing on the short-lived show, Louie in 2011. She has appeared in other films like Blockers and in a 2018 film, Mustang.

Pamela’s second daughter, Odessa Adlon was born on June 17, 1999. She got her first acting credit in 2012 for the film, Nashville. She has had further appearances in What About Barb? and Better Things. She’s currently known to be dating .

The youngest of the Adlon girls, Rocky Adlon, was born in 2002 and like her sisters, had earned her first acting credit at a young age. She earned it for her appearance in the film, Conception in 2011.

More Facts You Need to Know

Pamela Adlon voices the daughter of Howard and Bernadette (Halley Wolowitz) on the comedy show, The Big Bang Theory.

She used to share a house with Anna Gunn, the actress who played Skylar White on the hit show, Breaking Bad.

Like her father, Pamela splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.

The actress is part English. Her mother, Marina L. is of English descent.

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