Among popular Korean pop musicians, you would definitely find the trending boy band, DAY6. This group which was formed by one of the top record producers in South Korean, JYP Entertainment, was initially known as 5Live in 2014. However, when people started calling them a version of the popular American pop band , they had to enlist a new member and changed their name to Day6.

On September 7th, 2015, they released their first EP titled, ‘The Day’ which had its main song as ”Celebrationn”. The next year, in March, they mounted the stage during the music show, M Countdown, which was their first stage performance. The group has also produced a string of hit songs over the years and has been named for various music awards, including the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards under the Best Band Music category which they won.

Who Are The Current Day6 Members?

1. Sungjin – Leader, Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist

The leader of the Day6 band, Sungjin has his birth name as Park Sung Jun and he was born on the 16th of January, 1993, in Busan, South Korea. However, he was raised in Seoul and has been with this K-Pop band since 2014 when they called themselves 5Live before changing to Day6 in 2015.

It is also known that this talented singer took part in the South Korean TV program, Hidden Singer, where he competed against the popular Korean record producer, JYP, to know whether he can sound exactly like him. Sungjin won 2 rounds in the competition but couldn’t make it past the 3rd as the audience voted against him.

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2. Jae – Lead Guitarist, Vocalist & Rapper

Park Jae Hyung who is popularly known as Jae was born in Argentina on 15th September 1992. However, his family moved to the United States and based in California where Jae completed both his basic and college education. This Day6 member had a flair for music since he was a child and by the time he entered high school, Jae started recording a lot of covers for popular songs which he uploads on YouTube. It is also known that prior to joining Day6, he contested on the popular K-Pop Star music show where he emerged in the 6th position and was enlisted by JYP entertainment.

3. Young K – Bassist, Vocalist & Rapper

This Day6 band member has his full name as Kang Young Hyun and he was born on the 19th of December, 1993, in Islan, South Korea. It is also known that he has an English name, Brian which he probably answers because of his long stay in Toronto, Canada, where he completed both his high school and college education.

Young K commenced his career alongside 2 other friends by forming the group known as 3rd Degree in Toronto, Canada, sometime in 2010. It was also that same year that JYP Entertainment discovered him and Don Lee – his bandmate, although Lee had to leave later on to concentrate on his studies.

4. Wonpil – Synthesizer, Keyboardist & Vocalist

Kim Won-pil is the full name of Day6 member Wonpil and his birthdate is April 28th, 1994. For Wonpil, being signed by JYP Entertainment was a dream come true as he wanted to join the entertainment firm right from his childhood days. He was one of the members of the first group, 5Live and still remained with the band after its name was changed to Day6.

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5. Dowoon – Drummer

Born on 25th August 1995, Yoon Do-woon happens to be the youngest member of Day6. He completed his high school education at Peniel High School, after which he proceeded to Busan Arts College. In 2010, he was among those who auditioned for a spot on the 5Live band but dropped out. However, in 2015, he was brought on to join the band which became known as Day6.

What Happened To The 6th Member?

The 6th member of the popular K-Pop band was Junhyeok who held the position of keyboardist and vocalist in the band. However, this Day6 member’s contract with JYP Entertainment was canceled on February 27th, 2016, for reasons tagged private.

A few months later though, it was finally revealed that the real reason for Junhyeok’s departure was because of his misconduct. This former Day6 band member went against his contract rules that stipulated that none of them should date for about 3 years. Junhyeok did not only date one of their fans but it was also rumored that he shared sensitive information about the group with her which the said girlfriend publicized online.

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