Who are the Members of LABOUM and What Do We Know About Them?

NH Media is known for owning and managing the boy band U-KISS, while Nega Network owns and manages Brown Eyed Girls. Partly owing to the successes of these bands, the two entertainment companies decided to front a new venture known as LABOUM. The girl band was launched in 2014 with five members. The first members of LABOUM were Yujeong, Soyeon, ZN, Haein, Sobin, and Yulhee.

After the band was announced in August 2014, they released Petit Macaron which was their debut single album. LABOUM has since dropped over 10 projects including single albums, EPs, and studio albums.

Who are the Members of LABOUM?

1. Kim Yujeong (Yujeong)

The singer serves as the leader of the band due to the fact that she is at least two years older than all the other members. She is also the lead vocalist and rapper for LABOUM. Yujeong was born in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, on the day of love – February 14, 1992. The singer already had some experience in entertainment before LABOUM. She contested on The Unit and on the singing competition Hidden Singer. In 2010, she debuted under the stage name Leeyo as one half of a singing group known as Ab Avenue.

2. Jung Soyeon (Soyeon)

She is the main vocalist for the group and is known for a few things. Soyeon has a few nicknames, including Yeoni and Yeon-hyung, from the time she cut her hair. The singer is good friends with Suzy, who is the face of the girl group, Miss A. Soyeong is also the one who wrote, composed, and arranged the group’s hit song “Between Us”. She has also lent her singing ability the original soundtrack of at least four episodes of the tv program My Strange Hero.

3. ZN (Bae Jinye)

Born Bae Jinye in Bucheon, on June 9, 1994, ZN is the main dancer for LABOUM. ZN is also known by her nickname Janguu and also loves puppies. Jinye also has an acting career: she played the lead role in the web drama Milky Love. As for her music, besides being one of the members of LABOUM, the singer cum rapper also debuted with another girl group, UNI.T, on May 18, 2018. However, her time with UNI.T did not last very long due to scheduling problems between the group and LABOUM.

4. Yeom Haein (Haein)

Haein is a lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper for the girl group. She was born on May 19, 1995, in Ojeongu, Bucheon, where she was raised with her older brother. The singer’s best dance routines involve sexy dance steps and moves. Haein contested in the survival show The Unit and plays a role in the drama Gangnam Scandal. Nothing much is known about the singer prior to her time as one of the members of LABOUM.

5. Ahn Solbin (Solbin)

Along with ZN, Sobin is the second tallest member of LABOUM, standing at a height of 169 cm. For her education, she attended Hanlim Multi Art School. She has fulfilled many responsibilities outside of her efforts with LABOUM. For instance, she has appeared in a music video for Brown Eyed Girls, LC-9, and U-KISS. She has also fulfilled an acting role in the Korean dramas Good Witch (2018), Solomon’s Perjury (2017), and Meloholic (2017).

Yulhee (left LABOUM in 2017)

Yulhee was born Kim Yulhee on November 27, 1997. She is the first child of her family and has two younger siblings: a boy and a girl. Yulhee was the youngest member of LABOUM and was a vocalist, main rapper, and main dancer for the group. Like Solbin, she had also appeared in two music videos for U-KISS and also one for Lim Chang Jung.

A few months after the release of LABOUM Summer Special, NH Media announced that Yulhee would be leaving the group. On November 3, 2017, NH Media confirmed that they had officially terminated her contract. They mentioned that the singer had talked to them severally about leaving the entertainment business. The termination of her contract was their way of finally respecting her decision.

The singer opened up in a handwritten letter which she posted on the group’s official fan page. In the letter, she talked about how she came to the decision that she did not want to be in entertainment anymore. She thanked the fans that had rooted for her during her time and urged them to continue to support LABOUM.

The former singer is now happily married to her husband, FTISLAND’s Minhwan. They had a son, Jae Yul, together on May 18, 2018. Minhwan and Yulhee officially got married a few months later, on October 19, 2018. The couple regularly appears on the Korean TV drama Mr. House Husband.


Other Facts There is to Know About the Members of LABOUM

  1. With Solbin now the youngest member following the departure of Yulhee, there is a five-year gap between the ages of the oldest member Yujeong, and Solbin.
  2. The group’s first music video was for their song “Pit-A-Pat”. The lyrics were written by songwriter Seo Ji-eum who has also written for groups like TTS and .
  3. To make the music video for their song “Journey to Atlantis”, LABOUM launched a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Makestar. Their goal of $8261 was surpassed in about four hours. The campaign ended up raising about three times their initial goal. All the campaigns launched for their subsequent videos also blew past their initial goal.
  4. In 2018, at the Korea Culture Entertainment Award, the members of LABOUM won the Kpop Singer Award.

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