Who Are The Wonder Girls Members And Why Did It Get Disbanded?

JYP is an umbrella for several talented artists as the entertainment conglomerate is known for its promotion of K-pop music through its talent hunt, training, and music productions. The Wonder Girls was one of the many K-pop groups that JYP carried in its wings. The group was initially made up of five girls some of which left and were later replaced. By 2015, the group became a four-piece girls group.

The band was very successful as it broke records internationally, one of which was being the first-ever South Korean music group to enter the Billboard Hot 100. The group went on several tours, released a couple of albums and bagged quite a number of awards. After 10 years of active supply of unlimited entertainment, with a few hiccups, the group got disbanded.

How The Wonder Girls Was Formed?

The Wonder Girls group was initially made up of five ladies who were chosen by the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment. Nothing is known of the pre-debut training that the group members might have undergone. What is known is that in May 2006, JYP Entertainment CEO announced the launch of their first girl band. They were introduced through a TV show titled MTV Wonder Girls. The first four episodes were concerned with profiling the members. The group performed several songs at the MTV studios most of which were other people’s songs, one was theirs, Irony – which was also their debut single.

The group released their first album in 2007, The Wonder Begins. It was a huge success. They went on many other showcases and released more songs and videos. The work became hectic and some of the members were injured while others fell ill. In late July, 2007, Hyuna left the group and was replaced by Good Entertainment’s trainee Yubin. went on a hiatus in January 2010 and was replaced by Hyriem. Sunye later left the group in 2013 to settle down while Sohee left to pursue a career in acting. After these departures, the Wonder Girls were non-functional until 2015 when four of its members came together for a reboot of the group. The included Sunmi, Yeeun, Yubin, and Hyerim. They released an album titled Reboot in August 2015. Two years later, JYP Entertainment announced that Wonder Girls has been disbanded.

Who Are The Wonder Girls Members?

This list will include all the members that ever been part of The Wonder Girls roup at one point or the other.

Sunmi (Lee Sun Mi)

Sunmi was born Sun Mi. She later combined her step father’s name and became Lee Sun Mi. She was born on May 2, 1992, in Iksan, North Jeolla, South Korea. The identity of her parents has been concealed, however, it is known that she had a very caring father who took care of her and her brothers before he fell sick and later died. Sunmi has two brothers, Lee Seung Don and Lee Sun Dong who she is very close to.

She attended Hwangnam Elementary School, Chungdam Middle School, and then Chungdam High School. She is currently a musical theater student at Dongguk University. Sunmi began auditioning at musical talent shows at the age of 12. Soon after, she became a trainee at JYP entertainment. JYP shot her to fame by enlisting her as one of the members of The Wonder Girls. She left the music scene in January 2010 to pursue an academic career.

Three years later, it was announced that she was coming back into the music industry, but this time as a solo artist. Her first single as a solo artist was 24 Hours, released in August 2013. In 2015, her fans were greeted with yet another splendid news – Sunmi was returning to The Wonder Girls – and she did. She left JYP in 2017 and signed on to MakeUs Entertainment.

Yeeun (Park Ye Eun)

Leader, main vocalist, and keyboardist of the defunct The Wonder Girls, Yeeun, was born Park Ye Eun on May 26, 1989. She was born at Goyang, South Korea to Park Yeong-gyun and Shin Jeong-sook. Her father was involved in a big fraud scandal in 2017 and Yeeun was dragged into it by the public who blamed her for her father’s crime. It isn’t certain at this time if Yeeun has any siblings. The schools she attended are not known.

She began her music career in 2007 when The Wonder Girls debuted their first single. She began pursuing a solo career in 2014. She released her first solo act in July of the same year. It was an EP titled Me? and was released under the stage name Ha:tfelt. While pursuing her solo career, she was still part of The Wonder Girls. In fact, she is the only member of the group to have stayed from start to finish. She never left or went on a hiatus until its disbandment in 2017.

Yubin (Kim Yu-bin)

Yubin was introduced to the group as the main rapper, replacing Hyuna. Yubin was born Kim Yu-bin on October 4, 1988. Her father is Kim Myung-su, however, his occupation and the identities of the rest of the family are not certain.

In addition to being the group’s rapper, she was also an occasional vocalist, drummer, and face of the group. She made her debut in the music industry when she was recruited as a member of The Wonder Girls in 2007. Prior to that, she was supposed to be part of some other girls band known as Five Girls but it disbanded that same year it was to debut. She is currently a solo singer with JYP and released a single on June 5, 2018, titled Lady.

Hyerim (Woo Hye Lim)

The last member of the successful girl band before it was debanded was Hyerim. Like Yubin, Hyerim was a replacement. She came in after Sunmi went on hiatus in 2010. Also like Yubin, she is a rapper. She was born Woo Hye Lim to the family of Woo Jong-pil and Gong Jeong-ran in Seoul, South Korea on September 1, 1992. She grew up in Hong Kong and is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

Before becoming a member of The Wonder Girls, she was part of another JYP group known as JYP Sisters or Chinese Wonder Girls. The group, however, got disbanded when two members of the group quit. She went on to join The Wonder Girls in 2010 and also renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment after the group was disbanded.

Hyuna (Kim Hyun-ah)

Hyuna was a former member of The Wonder Girls and arguably the most successful to have come out from the group. She was born Kim Hyun-ah in Sangsu Dong, Seoul, South Korea on June 6, 1992. Her only known parent is her mother, Kim Mi-hyung. She attended the Choongam Middle School and Korea High School of Music and Arts. She also has a degree in Contemporary Arts from Konkuk University.

She began her music career with The Wonder Girls in 2007 but left a year later when her parents became concerned over her health. She began a solo career soon after and combined it with a girls band called 4Minute. 4minute was a very successful band before it got disbanded. Hyuna gained massive fame and success on her own. Asidesfrom 4minute, she was also part of a duo known as Trouble Makers and a band called Triple-H. She ended her contract with Cube Entertainment in 2018 and signed on to P-Nation in 2019.

Sunye (Min Sun-ye)

Sunye was born Min Sun-ye on August 12, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea. She was raised by her grandparents as her mother died early while her father was so sick, he was bedridden.

She was the former main vocalist of the K-pop girls group until she left in 2013 to settle down. She however never left the music scene until 2014. In 2018, it was announced that she was coming back into the industry and had signed a contract with Polaris Entertainment.

Sohee (Ahn So-hee)

Sohee was born Ahn So-hee on June 27, 1992, in Seoul, South Korea. Her father, Ahn Byung-kwan, divorced her mother when she was in 4th grade. She has a younger sister whose identity is uncertain.


She debuted her music career when she was announced as a member of The Wonder Girls in 2007. She spent 6 years with the band before leaving in 2013 to pursue an acting career. Sohee is currently a well-established actress who has starred in a lot of movies and television shows so far.

Why Was The Wonder Girls Disbanded?

The popular girl band, The Wonder Girls got disbanded in 2017. According to JYP Entertainment, the sponsor and creators of this group, the group split because the members after deliberating on it decided to do so. This decision wasn’t reached because all the members were leaving the agency as Yubin and Hyerim renewed their contracts with the agency. However, Yeeun and Sunmi decided not to renew their contracts with JYP. Before disbanding, the group released their final digital single on February 10, 2017.

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