Who is Aaron Fuller? Is He Gay? What is the Relationship With Jackson Krecioch?

Who is Aaron Fuller? Is He Gay? What is the Relationship With Jackson Krecioch?

Social media has brought a lot of fame to a lot of people. Aaron Fuller is an internet personality, rising model, and actor who became a social media celebrity in the bid to overcome the anxiety disorder from which he was suffering. There are a lot of interesting things to find out about him. Here are things you might want to know.

Who is Aaron Fuller?

Aaron Fuller is an American social media celebrity, model, and actor. He was born on March 6, 2000, in Wichita Falls, Texas. There is no information on his parents but he is said to have a sister named Lauren Ramos who he only met for the first time in June 2016. Aaron attended a private school for a few years and left for another school where he found it hard to get along with his new classmates. This gave rise to anxiety disorders and other health issues. He could not handle the pressure and then started skipping classes which culminated to his quitting and dropping out of school, an action that drew the criticism of his fans. During his days in school, Aaron participated in musical theatres and school plays.

Aaron first became famous on the internet when he befriended a model turned actress and Musical.ly star, Grace Auten. He opened accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube which were self-titled. His YouTube channel currently has over 70,000 subscribers. He would post some random thoughts on Twitter which people would often react to and it made him popular on the platform. As his followership on Twitter continued to swell, he decided to make his presence felt on Instagram as well.

With his good looks and physic, he posted photos and these photos caught the attention of many and with the attention came popularity. Aaron Fuller became an overnight Instagram star with over 200,000 followers. He started streaming live videos on YouNow which also got him more fans and followers. In 2016 Aaron created a YouTube channel on which he posts videos and likewise, he began to appear in other people’s videos. He has lots of followers on almost all of his media accounts.

The young social media celebrity said he became active on social media because he wanted to overcome an anxiety disorder that he suffered in his school days. Since he had no friends and could not share his condition with anyone, he decided to make distant friends on social media. The platform helped him connect with people he didn’t know and that enabled him to say the things he needed to talk to someone about but had been bottling up for so long.

Who is Aaron Fuller? Is He Gay? What is the Relationship With Jackson Krecioch?
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Aaron Fuller has been often accused by close pals and fellow social media stars of being a leech – on who uses people to achieve success or gain popularity on social media. Even though he was accused by fellow YouTubers Jackson Krecioch and Tana Mongeau of matching on their backs to become popular (with the latter posting a video on their collaborative channel “Trash”, calling Aaron a ‘snake’), his fans seemed to disagree and never believed it. However, Aaron came out to admit the accusation as true in another video he posted on his personal channel (as they removed him from the Trash channel)

Is Aaron Fuller Gay?

Aaron Fuller is gay (or rather, bisexual as he has dated ladies in the past) and came out in one of his videos which he did with his former boyfriend and lover, Jackson Krecioch. In that video, he spoke about his sexual orientation and was later appreciated by fans for the confidence he had in coming out and being candid about his sexuality. He is presently in a gay relationship with fellow YouTube star, Imari Stuart.

Relationship With Jackson Krecioch

Aaron Fuller and Jackson Krecioch met on the YouTube channel Trash. Jackson was the first to initiate communication when he first saw Aaron because he liked him the minute he saw him. After some days, they met each other physically with the help of fellow YouTubers and that was how their relationship started. They were always posting videos together until they posted a video of their breakup for their fans to watch and this was just one week into the relationship. Jackson had accused Aaron of cheating on him and also using him to gain popularity on YouTube. Aaron and Jackson still remain, friends, even though they are no longer together.

Jackson Krecioch is a social media celebrity who was born on June 1, 1998, to John and Jennifer Krecioch. He has seven siblings –  a sister named Katherine and six brothers named Jacob, Joshua, Jonathan, Jorge, Joseph, and Jullian. He studied at Kettle Moraine High School and is also a self-taught artist, model, and aspiring entertainer. Jackson became famous through the Musical.ly app after he created an account in 2015. He had over two million fans and this brought about his fame as a social media celebrity. He is also active on YouTube and YouNow. His most popular video on YouTube is the Chapstick Challenge which gained more than 1.5 million views in just one month. Jackson came out as gay on his Youtube channel in October 2016 and he dated Aaron Fuller for a short time before dating Dylan Geick in 2017.

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