Who is Alinity Divine, Why is She Famous on Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter

Who is Alinity Divine, Why is She Famous on Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter

Alinity Divine is a social media star who has become famous on different social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Nonetheless, she is mostly regarded as a Twitch star as that was where her fame budded from. She is a gamer who uses Twitch and other platforms to stream her gaming videos live to her followers and subscribers. Here is all you need to know about her.

Who is Alinity Divine?

January 10, 1988, was the year the gamer was born as Natalia Mogollon in Cali, Colombia and it was there that she was raised. Unfortunately, there is not much that is known about the personal life of Alinity including her family and her earlier life.

Although it was in Colombia that she lived most of her life, Alinity moved to Canada at a later time in her life and she now lives in Saskatchewan. The move was triggered by someone she met online whom she had come to date. After putting the idea for her to move to join him in Toronto, the relationship later ended but she still decided to move anyway, but instead of Toronto, she opted for Saskatchewan in 2010.

What she would later come to be known for is her life as a gamer and streams it lives for her followers and subscribers. She began gaming when she was a little girl in her home country of Colombia. While as Alinity grew she kept doing it for fun, but later decided to make it her full-time job. As she has revealed, it has not only given her employment but has also helped her survive the depression she suffered for so long as well as her bipolar disorder.

For Alinity’s education, she got the most part of it in Colombia, and when she made her move to Canada, she decided to pursue a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) in 2012. It was almost at the same time that she began streaming herself playing games. World of Warcraft is the game that the live streamer has come to be known for mostly.

Why is She Famous on Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter?

The popularity of Alinity Divine has not only remained on Twitch where it all began, but it has also spilled to various other social networking sites including Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter where she has become a topic amongst lovers of gaming.

The video gamer has been able to amass a massive social media followership and engagement. Even before the second half of 2018, she was able to gather as many as close to 200 thousand followers on Instagram and almost 80 thousand followers on Twitter. More so, Alinity has got more than 35 thousand followers on Facebook and 34 thousand page likes.

On Twitch whereas indicated is her base, she has massive followership of over 660 thousand followers at the start of the second half of 2018.

Who is Alinity Divine, Why is She Famous on Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter
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While she has been famous on her own thanks to her gaming videos, what has brought her further out into the eye of the storm is a dispute she had with one of the biggest stars on YouTube, PewDiePie.

Her issue with PewDiePie began after the YouTuber made use of a derogatory phrase (Twitch THOTS) to describe female gamers on Twitch including Alinity while testing an Eye-tracking device that would indicate the exact thing one has his eyes on while looking at the screen.

The derogatory phrase did not go down well with the Colombian-born gamer who threatened that she would copy strike the video. This means that she would report him for using her video to try his device without permission which could make the video banned entirely or he may lose any income that would come with it.

As the drama between the two continued with both accusing the other of racial comments and other things, it was blowing up on other social media sites and discussion forums, adding to the popularity of Alinity Divine who although was popular before then, was mostly known only among gamers and those who follow her. The greater exposure did not come without its problems as she soon began receiving threats from the fans of PewDiePie, with some even threatening her life and safety.

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