Who Is Alyssa Arce? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Alyssa Arce is a popular American model whose claim to fame is her flawless figure and beauty. She has made the cover of several high profile magazines and has been involved in ads and photo shoots for major brands as well. She has gained millions of fans around the world thanks to her jaw-dropping pictures that make both men and women want and admire her.

Unsurprisingly, there are many things people have shown interest in knowing about this model; from her age to details of her career and other facts of her life. The following are all the facts that one ought to know about her.

Who Is Alyssa Arce?

The gorgeous model was born on February 27, 1992, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She is of mixed heritage, having been born to a father who hails from Honduras and a Georgia-born mother.

Right from her childhood, Alyssa Arce has always had ridiculously good looks, which she was well aware of. She joined her school’s cheerleading team and enjoyed a brief stint as a member of the soccer team. She later began modeling on the side, gaining attention instantly not just for her enviable physical features, but also for her endearing hilarity.

After graduating high school, Arce decided to pursue a full-time career in modeling in the hopes of becoming one of the biggest names in the business. She secured a contract with the famous Wilhelmina agency in Miami, which ensured that lucrative modeling gigs came her way. In just a few years, the young model found success and was one of the more sought after models in Miami.

With her rapidly increasing fame, she bagged another modeling contract with the prestigious Ford agency. Arce was not averse to being photographed unclad, and soon veered into nude modeling. Her nudie shoots soon caught the attention of the people at Playboy magazine who made her an offer to pose as the July 2013 Playmate of the month. This propelled her career to greater heights even more as she went on to be photographed by FHM magazine, LUI magazine, and others.

Despite the wealth and recognition that her professional career has brought her, Alyssa Arce has also received some backlash over her choice of work. Some people have a problem with what she does for a living and have gone as far as leaving caustic comments on her social media pages, and sending hate mails to condemn and discourage her from taking nude pictures. Her privacy has also been breached a few times, as some of her most sensitive images have been leaked on social media as well.


Five Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. She is a woman of many talents

This beautiful brunette is trying to fashion out an acting career for herself, although she hasn’t featured in anything major yet. Arce is said to be getting ample screen time and living up a whole other dream as a performer. And who knows, given time she might actually become a big player in Hollywood, in the same manner, she found success as a model.

In 2014, the 5 feet 8 inches tall model, who has light brown eyes and hair, was named the ring girl for the boxing promotion league, GLORY.

2. She’s been moving around

Since leaving high school, Alyssa Arce has rarely stayed in one place for too long. She is constantly on the move, packing bags and jetting across the continent to work on campaigns and pose for shoots. She essentially lived out of her suitcases for years, and it wasn’t until after she scored the Playboy gig that she began contemplating the idea of settling down at one location.

Due to this, Arce has not been able to find love, or at least it appears that way as far as public knowledge goes. She wears a ring on her engagement finger but there hasn’t been any news of her getting hitched to someone.

3. Arce is a Blake Lively look-alike

The gorgeous model insists that she looks like the famous actress, . Although there is a slight resemblance between them, no one would mistake them for twins if they were standing side by side. One thing is for sure though, both women are absolutely beautiful.

4. She is a car enthusiast

Most people don’t expect women to know a lot about cars, but Alyssa Arce is obsessed with them and knows them like the back of her hands. She is particularly enthused about vintage and muscle cars as well as car racing. It doesn’t hurt that she can pose with them either.

5. She had a fling with Justin Bieber

The pop heartthrob was spotted making out with Arce on a yacht in Ibiza in 2014. The news became an instant sensation, and the two were often pictured together after that. In fact, it was rumored that Arce was the reason and ‘s relationship didn’t work out.

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