Who is Amy Shira Teitel and How Tall is She, Is She Married?

Who is Amy Shira Teitel and How Tall is She, Is She Married?

At a time when untended memories are fast slipping from common grasp, it becomes necessary that someone collates the material before the makers of the history die and the punch-cards rot. When it is space history, it becomes even more paramount to have a historian who would chronicle the past especially as spaceflight of the past fades from view. The one historian who has stepped into that shoe is no other than the Canadian-American spaceflight historian, Amy Shira Teitel.

Shira Teitel has succeeded in making spaceflight’s past interesting and exceedingly cool. She was born in the same year the space shuttle Challenger exploded on live TV, in 1986. Amy writes and talks about the orbiting heroes of the ’60s, such as Yuri Gagarin and Laika the dog, and every other thing that has to do with their exploits.

She fell in love with the space world at the age of 7 and has not let go ever since. Amy utilizes whatever medium she could to talk or write about the science of space as well as its various facets and aspects. As such, she is not just a historian of spaceflight but also an author, blogger, speaker, science writer, host, YouTuber, and podcaster. She is widely known for her book Breaking the Chains of Gravity (2015) which tracks the development of rocket technology until the foundation of NASA and the YouTube channel Vintage Space.

Moreover, she is a self-ascribed professional space history nerd and the popularity of her channeled The Sydney Morning Herald to dub her a go-to girl for science shows on mainstream television.

Who is Amy Shira Teitel and How Old is She?

The science enthusiast, Amy Shira Teitel is a Canadian-American national born on the 7th of March 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. She was born under the zodiac sign, Pisces. Her family is Jewish. There are no other known details about her family or of her early educational background.

Growing up in her Toronto home, she fell in love with all things space at the age of 7. Her intense and boundless love for spaceflight was born out of a second-grade project. She was researching on Venus and got struck by how different it was from Earth, a fact she also observed in the night sky. Her feeling of awe was further heightened when she saw a cartoon image of two astronauts one of whom was Neil Armstrong on the Moon, on in her kids’ space books.

Captivated, she researched further to know how and why men walked on the Moon and her love affair with space and spaceflight history began. Though Teitel has always been artistic, her love for space took a better part of her translating into a STEM career. She took writing seriously in high school and studied science and technology in college. Fusing writing and space history, her fascination has birthed her first book and YouTube channel.

She attended the University of King’s College, Halifax, Nova Scotia where she bagged a bachelor’s degree with combined honors in History of Science and Technology Studies. She followed it up with a master’s in Science and Technology Studies from York University, Toronto, Ontario.

During her undergraduate days, Amy Shira Teitel found a way to share her interest and garner more knowledge – blogging. She started her blog site, Vintage Space in November 2010 which chronicles her love for space history and manned space exploration. It was followed by the publication of her first book, Breaking the Chains of Gravity in 2015. The book was released to positive reviews and was based on her research for her master’s degree thesis about spaceflight before NASA. Her second book, Fighting for Space is expected to be released in January 2020.

Who is Amy Shira Teitel and How Tall is She, Is She Married?
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With these achievements, she moved to gain more ground leading to the launch of her YouTube channel, Vintage Space in June 2012. On the channel, she hosts a weekly show as well as a weekly podcast of the same name. Amy Shira Teitel also has a second channel, an eponymous channel where she vlogs about all other stuff other than STEM.

Other than her personal undertakings, she has also worked for as well as written for a number of media outlets including Universe Today, The Daily Beast, National Geographic, Scientific American, Ars Technica, and Al Jazeera English. Amy Shira Teitel co-hosts the Discovery Channel’s online DNews channel as well as contributes to Universe Today and motherboard.tv. Additionally, she has been featured in Cosmos Magazine and Tube Filter.

Who is Her Husband If Married?

Amy Shira Teitel is an ardent space lover and very passionate about what she does. All you would possibly find on her social media accounts are mostly work-related thus making it somewhat difficult to keep a tab on her personal life. She has not mentioned any relationship to the media but that does not mean she is averse to dating. It may be that she is seeing someone or could even be married, not that we’ve spotted a shiner on her ring finger anyway.

It is safe to remain in the realm of assumption until she opens up about her personal life. By the way, she lives in Pasadena, Los Angeles with her cat which she named after NASA astronaut Pete Conrad.

How Tall is She?

Teitel is 5 feet 7 inches tall, that is, 1.68 meters. She weighs 141 lb (64 kg). The Canadian-American spaceflight historian has dark brown hair and complementary dark brown blinkers.