Who Is Annika Noelle? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know

If you are an avid follower of the American sitcom The Bold and the Beautiful, you will definitely know Annika Noelle who made her appearance in the sitcom sometime in 2018 as the character Hope Logan. New faces always raise the expectation on soap operas and the arrival of Hope did the same to lovers of B&B and so far so good, Annika seems to be doing a great job in keeping the audiences’ interest in her character as she gradually evolves.

Prior to her appearance on the much talked about show, the delightful actress was also seen in a couple of other films, as well as sitcoms like True to the Game, Evan’s Crime, Jersey Boys and Chasing Life.

Who Is Annika Noelle?

The Bold and the Beautiful actress has her birth date listed as the 24th of December 1986 and her place of birth is in Boston, Massachusetts. Not much is known about her early life but sources have confirmed that she grew up in her hometown and comes from a family of four which comprises of her mother named Teri Noelle, her father who has been identified as William Noelle and her kid sister, Krista Noelle.

From her early years, Annika Noelle had a flair for acting and when it was time for her to choose a career path, she did not hesitate to venture into the film industry. She applied for the University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA where she studied a performing arts program. However, as it was not easy for her to pursue her studies and career at the same time, Anika had to look for part-time jobs to help raise money to sustain herself.

As time went by, things began to align and the determined actress started to carve her career, starting as a stage actress performing at Kennedy Centre and Geffen Playhouse. Eventually, Annika Noella landed roles in films like Jersey Boy, True to the Game, Evan’s Crime, Love’s Christmas Journey and she is also known for her role as Abbi in the sitcom Chasing Life.

Coming to her role in the popular American sitcom The Bold and the Beautiful, Annika Noelle is notable for her character Hope Logan whose mother is Brooke Logan – played by Katherine Kelly Lang. Hope is also the wife of Liam Spencer – portrayed by Scott Clifton.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Bold And The Beautiful Actress

  • 1. Annika Noelle is in a serious relationship

Although the actress has not been so open about her love life in the past, she disclosed in an interview sometime in 2018 that she was in a relationship with a musician named Zach Fisher. Her boyfriend who also happens to be a Recording Engineer runs his own record studio known as Big Bad Sound.

Aside from what the actress revealed, nothing much is known about her relationship but sources have it that the couple usually celebrates holidays in each others company, along with their families. Who knows? Wedding bells might soon be ringing for Annika Noelle.

  • 2.  The Actress Is An Activist

When Annika Noelle is not busy in front of the camera, she is mostly occupied with advocating for the conservation of the environment and caring for animals. She is usually seen offering animals shelter and she works with Wildlife Friends Foundation based in Thailand to care for elephants and other wildlife species.

  • 3. She has done some adverting jobs

Prior to her appearance in films and sitcom, the actress has done some advertising jobs for the car brand Infiniti, the American insurance company GEICO and Dairy Queen. Moreso, Annika Noelle, who had also had other small jobs, revealed that she preferred her jobs in commercials to the rest as it did not make her do overnight jobs the way she did as a waitress.

  • 4. She is on the list of breakout stars of the year 2018

With the rise of her fame in the popular The Bold and the Beautiful sitcom, Annika Noella was named on the list of 15 Breakout Stars of 2018 which was released on soap opera news. Moreso, she was the only cast from the sitcom that was listed.

  • 5. She loves the character Steffy in B&B

Although Annika Noelle plays Hope in The Bold and the Beautiful, the actress has made it known that she is not a big fan of her character but she is in love with the character of Steffy who she describes as fun to be with and loyal.

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