Blessed with an incredible ability to make grooves on the guitar, Ashley Purdy has made the world his stage literally by the means of playing for the rock band BVB, the Black Veil Brides. Ashley Purdy plays the bass guitar for the band and has become quite famous for it. His journey was by no means an easy one as he needed to brace through some tough times as a kid. His talent is not only geared towards music but in other facets of his life where his determination has paid off. We will discuss this along with his bio and other issues.

Who Is Ashley Purdy? Bio of the Famous Bassist

Ashley Purdy is a native of Missouri, born on the 28th of January, 1984. Life for Purdy took a difficult turn from a very early point as both his parents passed away when he was still young. He was raised in a town in Missouri by his grandparents. While he was high school, Purdy began to show more than a passing interest in music. He was tapped into fashion, arts, and music. By the time Ashley turned 18, he left the comfort of his grandparents’ home and headed to Los Angeles with an initial dream to chase a career in graphic designing.

Upon his arrival in the City of Angels, Purdy was actually accepted to the Academy of Art in San Francisco but after a while, he got a transfer to Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Purdy graduated with a BFA in Communication Design with a view on Marketing and Advertising at an emphasis. His work in college included projects geared towards advertising as well as fashion.

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With an initial desire to be a graphics designer upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Purdy found his love of music rekindled with a ‘vengeance’. The most successful band Purdy has been a part of is the Black Veil Brides but before the advent of the BVB for Purdy, there were a couple other groups he was a part of before touching gold. These other bands included “Orgasm”, “Stolen”, “Hearts” and “Children of the Beast”. With all these various groups, Purdy found like minds but probably lacking in musical talent or the fashion sense that the rock scene needed in Purdy’s eyes. In his words, he constantly struggled with “mish-moshed bands”.

Then in 2009, an ad on Craigslist brought his attention to Andy Biersack and the Black Veil Brides, they were in need of a bass player. With an initial plan to join and poach members of the band to form his own band, Purdy soon found himself comfortable with the band and settled in. He found that they both (the band and himself) had similar interests and influences, so why not.

Soon after the arrival of Purdy to the BVB, the band released their first album titled We Stitch These Wounds in July 2010. This first album sold over 10,000 copies by the first week. It ranked No. 36 on the Billboard Top 200 chart as well as No. 1 on the Billboard Independent chart.

They released a second album Set the World on Fire in 2011 and in that same year, they were recognized as the MTV’s Favorite Breakthrough Band of that year. The albums Wretched and Divine and Black Veil Brides were released in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Purdy is the band’s bassist but also serves as a vocalist as well.

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By early 2013, Purdy found another avenue to release more of his creative energy. He launched his own clothing line, Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. and he once said in an interview that every item that is up for sale by the brand is both thought off and handcrafted by him. Purdy is also said to be the brain behind the looks of the members of Black Veil Brides.

It would be fair to say that much of Purdy’s time is spent chasing down his goals and accomplishing them as well. But the famous bassist has also tried to make room for love in his life; at least for a time. He was in a relationship with model, Kina Tavarozi early on in his career but the pair split but remain friends. Rumors later circulated that he was involved with adult star, Nikki Benz in 2015. Purdy did, however, clear the air stating that they were just friends.

Height, Body Measurements

Ashley Purdy is not the tallest of individuals. What he lacks in height, he sure makes up in class and style. He stands at a height of 1.80 m. Details about his body stats are unavailable.