Who Is Blair Tindall? Her Husband, Parents, What Is She Doing Now?

Who Is Blair Tindall? Her Husband, Parents, What Is She Doing Now?

Renowned oboist Blair Tindall was not always interested in the oboe musical instrument, she was actually keen on the piano which she started playing from an early age. Her switch to the oboe happened during her junior high school band performance when all the instrumentalists were asked to take turns in picking up a musical instrument one after the order according to the alphabetical order of their last names. Because of the first letter of her name, Tindall was one of the last to pick and the only options available were the oboe and the bassoon. She eventually picked the oboe and since then, she has not stopped playing.

Who Is Blair Tindall?

The celebrated oboist was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius on the 2nd of February 1960 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We currently don’t have sufficient information on her family background, but we have been able to identify her parents as Blossom Tindall, mother and George Brown Tindall, father.

Tindall was already good with the piano at an early age but took to the oboe when she became part of her junior high school band. Her high school education was accomplished at North Carolina School of the Arts, she proceeded to Manhattan School of music where she bagged both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She attended Stanford University on a full-tuition fellowship, obtaining a master’s in communication. Tindall was also at Columbia University.

Professionally, asides from playing the oboe, Blair Tindall is known as a journalist, performer, writer, teacher, speaker, and producer. As a tutor, she was part of the academic staff of Stanford University where she taught journalism. She also taught oboe at Mills College and the University of California. As a writer, she published her controversial book titled Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music – a memoir that tells of her experiences in the world of classical music. She has also written quality content on classical music for popular publications like the Contra Costa Times, New York Times, San Francisco Examiner, International Herald Tribune, and Los Angeles Times. Tindall has equally performed in several concerts and ceremonies and has worked on the soundtrack of several television productions.

Her Parents And Husband

Tindall’s dad has been identified as George Blair Tindall who earned a living as a historian and her mum goes by the name Blossom Tindall. There is no sufficient data on her folks and siblings – if there are any, but information abounds on the artist’s relationship history.

Who Is Blair Tindall? Her Husband, Parents, What Is She Doing Now?
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Tindall experienced matrimonial bliss for seven weeks. On the 3rd of February 2006, she tied the nuptial knot with television personality Bill Nye. The marriage ceremony was done in style, the wedding which took place at the Entertainment Gathering at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA was presided over by Rick Warren and the music was provided by Yo-Yo Ma. The relationship turned messy after just seven weeks when their marriage license was declared null and void. Nye deserted the marriage immediately with a restraining order filed against Blair Tindall.

It happened that Tindall violated the court order when she gained illegal access to Nye’s residence to empty two bottles of weed killer on the flowers in his garden. When arraigned, Tindall pleaded guilty to the offense, referring to the unfortunate incident as “a foolish, sophomoric act of poor judgment that was only intended to harm flowers and not any human.” She also said that watching Nye on an episode of Living with Edin with his insinuating comments of how life would have been if only he had the right woman by his side provoked her to commit the offense. Eventually, she was ordered to pay $57,000 to cover the legal expenses incurred by Nye but she refused to honor that particular court order to date.

What is Blair Tindall Doing Now?

Tindall’s publication Mozart in the Jungle got optioned by Jason Schwartzman who created a comedy series of the same name along with his cousin Roman Coppola, Alex Timbers – a Broadway wunderkind, and notable movie director Paul Weitz. The show made its debut in 2014 as part of the Amazon Studio Second Season. The shooting of its fourth season was completed in September of 2017. Tindall is not only the writer in this production, but she is also credited as an actor as well as a consultant. The show’s soundtrack also features her as a soloist.

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