Who is Brad Maddox? What is His Relationship with Paige

After being away from news headlines for almost three years, former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Brad Maddox became an internet sensation again in May 2018 following Paige’s leaked videos and photos which appeared online showing the retired wrestler (Paige) performing sex acts with the former WWE employee, , and a third unidentified man.

With the sex tape out in the open, so many wanted to know the profiles of the men in the video including that of Tyler Kluttz popularly known as Brad Maddox and since not many knew him quite well during his short stay in WWE, here is all you need to know about him including the story behind the leaked video and his relationship with former WWE wrestler Paige who had to end her career following an injury she sustained during a six-woman tag team match in New York.

Who is Brad Maddox?

The former WWE star is of Greek heritage and was born in Tega Cay, South Carolina on the 4th of May 1984 as Tyler Kluttz.  Maddox doesn’t disclose his personal life in the public so there isn’t any info about his parents, family and early life.

He began his career in 2008 on the Ohio Valley Wrestling
(OVW) platform. For his debut match, he teamed up with Galvin Garrison with the name Brent Wellington against Dewey and Adam Revolver. In July 2009, Brad Maddox won his first OVW Television Championship after beating Jamin Olivencia and in February 2010, he won OVW Heavyweight champion after winning a Battle Royal; later that year, he signed a development contract with WWE.

He debuted for the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) at a live show in August 2010 as Brad Maddox and have maintained the name ever since. The wrestler won his first FCW match in July 2011, the match was against Percy Watson and Richie Steamboat. In June 2012, he won the FCW 15 Championship and the next month, he won the Florida Tag Team Championship alongside Rick Victor and became the last holder of both titles before FCW  championships were rebranded as NXT Wrestling.

In August 2012, he was promoted to the main roster as a referee and his first job as a referee was a Divas Battle Royal. He also refereed the 2012 Hell in a Cell main event and presided over the match between Ryback and . He interfered in the match by attacking Ryback and allowing Punk to win the match. Ryback, of course, went after him at the end of the game.

After revealing that and CM Punk were working with The Shield and that Heyman had staged the Hell in a Cell fiasco to ensure his client (CM Punk) win the Raw Managing Supervisor, Vickie Guerrero rewarded Brad Maddox with the position of Assistant Raw Managing Supervisor. Brad took over as the new General Manager of Raw after Guerrero was fired when fans voted against her for failing in her role. He served for one year before being sacked in November 2015 for referring to the crowd as “cocky pricks” during a dark match.

What is His Relationship with Paige?

When the sex video and photos of Paige were leaked online many wondered what the relationship was between the two. The video was said to have been taken between 2012 and 2014 and the pair were reportedly dating at the time even though Brad Maddox was married at the time.

Following the leak, the former English wrestler said it had scarred her that people would invade her privacy to the point of letting out what she didn’t want out in the public. “When they came out I barricaded myself in the house for a couple of months. I was so sad to the point I was contemplating suicide,” she disclosed during the Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia podcast.

She also revealed that she suffered baldness and stress-induced anorexia during that period. This is not the first time that Paige has been a victim of revenge p*rn. Sometime in 2017 another sex video of her’s was stolen and shared online.

Despite the leakage of the video, Brad Maddox who was married at the time the sex video went public, remains married with two kids.

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