Who is Brandon Mccarthy’s Wife? His Contract, Injury and Other Facts

Around here, baseball is a game not known to be filled with drama both on and off the pitch unlike what obtains in most other American and Canadian top sports. This does not mean however that something out of the ordinary or a bit humorous doesn’t happen on the field of play, or at least off the pitch perhaps in the individual and family lives of the stars of the 18th century English sports. One such baseballer from whose quarters something hitherto unseen and unheard of emanated is Brandon Mccarthy, though not entirely of his own making but in tandem with his wife.

Care to know what really played out? Read on and also learn about his contract, injury, and who this his better half that shot herself up to fame is.

Before we delve into the major content of this article, let’s find out first who the famous sportsman is.

Brandon was born on July 7 in the year 1983 in Glendale, California.

He schooled at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado from where he graduated in 2001 and then attended Lamar Community College where he played for the baseball varsity in the 2002 season and was a 12-0 starter in addition to helping them secure a third-place finish in the 2002 Junior College World Series.

In the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft, Brandon Mccarthy was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 17th round.

In the course of growing his career to where he is now, Brandon has played for the Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Yankees, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Today he is a professional American baseballer who pitches for the Atlanta Braves in the Major League Baseball (MLB).

In addition to playing baseball, he is a minority owner of a club in the United Soccer League – Phoenix Rising FC.

Brandon is married to Amanda Mccarthy and they both have a daughter and a canine who share their home with them.

Who is Brandon Mccarthy’s Wife?

Brandon and his consort Amanda got married in the year 2010. On her famous Twitter account, she described herself as a woman who has a Westie as a husband, she loves wine and food and in addition, watches more baseball games than anyone should probably be allowed to.

However, we won’t leave you to just this description of her. Taking a more traditional approach, our findings revealed that she was born on December 31, 1989, in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Her maiden name was previously Amanda Nelson.

She studied at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and it was here that she first met Brandon who she will later marry. Continuing her education, she attended college at the University of Arizona from where she graduated and ventured into the fashion industry as a model.

It was not until 2007 before Amanda and Mccarthy met again in Arizona when the latter was playing with the Texas Rangers and the former already starting off a career in the fashion industry. Under an atmosphere purely lit by love and admiration for each other on a romantic date which held in December 2009, Brandon asked Amanda the question which many single ladies today are desirous to be asked. Her response culminated into a wedding ceremony that took place a year later on December 10, 2010. The rest, as they say, is history, but not in this one.

What Made Amanda Maccarthy Famous?

The internet, particularly social media and more specifically Twitter where she commands her own fair space of celebrity territory did. Even though her husband is not one of the top baseball players at the moment, neither is she one of the top models in the fashion and modeling industry. Amanda has over 37k followers which have seen her over 24k tweets and particularly the one which set Twittersphere abuzz with regards to her comment on her husband’s injury.

Brandon Mccarthy’s Contract and Injury

Following a match the Braves had against the Washington side on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, Atlanta Braves starter Brandon Mccarthy injured his shoulders in the first base when he reached out to receive a flip from the first baseman, stepped on the bag for the out. The injury was severe and he had to be removed from the game.

In a surprising reaction to the incident, however, his wife tweeted “Whoa so much happened. Dislocated your shoulder, made the out, popped it back in, then just walked around normal? But you still can’t do the dishes… seems fishy.”

Well, the injury wasn’t a serious one as it was a shoulder subluxation on his non-throwing shoulder. However, some people felt Amanda’s post should not to be taken in a negative light as she is known to be quite brazen in her posts. She once made a tweet to her hubby which read “@B__McCarthy Happy birthday babe!! Congrats.. your balls are a little saggier today.”

Well, there you have it, it was all in good fun but as expected, netizens couldn’t allow such pass unattended to.

Over the course of his career, Brandon Mccarthy’s signup fees have been in an upward trend albeit not in leaps and bounds or such that will warrant a team bringing him onboard to break a bank. His move to the Los Angeles Dodgers from the New York Yankees saw him sign a 4-year contract with the Dodgers worth $48 million which included a $6 million signing bonus and an annual salary of $11.5 million.

Other Facts

Brandon and Amanda Mccarthy graced the March 5th, 2012 cover of “Analytics Issue” of ESPN: The Magazine.

Brandon bats and throws with his right hand.

He has played for a total of 7 MLB teams including his present team.

Brandon’s wife is an active member of the Oakland’s A wives where he is involved with charity causes.

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