Who Is Capa Mooty? Bio, Age, Husband, Divorce, Net Worth

There are few who know how to combine the established elegance of the fashion industry with a knack for business innovation. Capa Mooty (now Aikman) stands firmly among the ranks of the select few in this category. Where it concerns this fashion enthusiast cum entrepreneur, you’ll hardly ever catch as little as a strand of hair out of place.

Capa has made her living in the world of fashion as co-owner of a fashion retail brand that was launched in Dallas, Texas. Besides her business acumen, she is also in the ranks of personalities who are in celebrity marriages. The fashionista and American businesswoman is married to Troy Aikman, the former superstar NFL player.

Who is Capa Mooty? Bio, Age

Capa was born in Dallas, Texas on October 13, 1970. Her birth name is Catherine Cecil Person and her parents were middle-class earners with whom she spent most of her childhood in Dallas. However, that is all that is known about her upbringing, education, parents, and family. Capa’s carriage and business disposition, however, means it is not far fetched to assume that she was exposed to quality education.

Where it concerns her personal wins and achievements, Capa Mooty has tried her hands at different businesses throughout her life. Her most successful is the fashion brand Luxeliner. The entrepreneur grew up with a soft spot in her heart for fashion and decided to make that passion into a business. She co-owns Luxeliner with four of her friends: Jennifer Clark, Wendy Poston, Alyson Griffith, and Charlotte Jones Anderson whose father is , the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

They got together, brainstormed and merged their different ideas to make the fashion brand a reality. The company was launched in 2012 and operates as a high-end mobile boutique. They purchased a FedEx truck, painted it over and readapted it to function as their first boutique on wheels. Luxeliner distributes fashion accessories as well as gift items. The venture has since spread to different parts of the country.

Who is Capa Mooty’s Husband? Is She divorced?

The fashion icon knows a thing or two about love and marriage and has had more than one lap as a wife. Capa is married to Troy Aikman, the former NFL superstar footballer. Before him though, the Dallas gal was married to Jerry Mooty. Jerry is an elite Attorney and co-founder of the law firm McCathern & Mooty LLP. He also founded a FinTech company – Blue Star Payment Solutions – with his uncle Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Capa and Jerry Mooty were married until 2013 and had two sons together, Luke and Val.

She met Troy Aikman in 2014 and the two started a relationship soon after. Aikman is a Dallas Cowboys legend. During his playing career, he was voted to 6 Pro Bowls and won 3 Super Bowl titles with the team including in his Super Bowl XXVII MVP performance in 1992. Aikman is currently the most popular NFL Analyst over at Fox Network.

Before he walked down the aisle with Capa Mooty, he had been in relationships with other notable names like actress , and singer Lorrie Morgan. Capa also has two step-daughters through Troy’s previous marriage with Dallas Cowboy’s publicist Rhonda Worthey. The girls’ names are Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie.

In June 2017, Troy proposed to Capa Mooty while the lovers were spending some time together out on Lake Como, in Italy. They tied the knot in the first week of September of the same year. Owing to Capa Mooty’s and Aikman’s preference for keeping their relationship out of the public eye, they held a private and small wedding ceremony, inviting only family and their close friends. The service took place in California, on the beach in Santa Barbara while the reception was held at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Capa and Troy’s children were all present at the wedding ceremony. The couple has managed to bring their children together and blend them into one big, happy family.


What is Her Net Worth?

The fashionista has done well for herself with her personal business endeavors. Little wonder many sources speculate that her net worth is in the seven-figure dollar range. However, it is not clear exactly not her net worth is, unlike her husband whose worth is evaluated at $25 million.

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