Who is Casey Nezhoda? Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

Who is Casey Nezhoda? Bio, Measurements, Net Worth

The chemistry that comes with reality television shows can be astonishing sometimes. You may just get those precious gems that turn out to be everything you ever longed for; not only does the camera love them, they just blossom on the show. Similarly, the thrift shop owner Casey Nezhoda along with her spouse Rene Nezhoda have blossomed in several seasons of the reality television show popularly known as Storage Wars from the stables of the A&E network channel.

Bio – Who is Casey Nezhoda?

Casey’s career in entertainment became a reality when the producers of Storage Wars developed an interest in her due to the successful thrift shop she operates with her husband. Their interest was so much that they invited the couple to join the show from the first episode in 2010 but the duo was not able to sync their schedule with the production time of the show until the fourth season of 2013 when they were able to make an appearance.

They featured in all six episodes as feature buyers that year. The couple joined the main cast in the next season and have continued to build their popularity and reputation to date. Casey is one of the first females to make an appearance on the show which is predominantly a men’s shoe. She previously made attempts to get on similar shows. In the past, she auditioned for ABC’s Celebrity Storage.

Casey Nezhoda was born on the 6th of September 1974 under the Zodiac sign of Virgo. Casey is of American nationality and her ethnic background is white. There isn’t sufficient information on her upbringing and educational qualifications but from the titbits we can sieve from the available records, she is a Catholic and was brought up by her parents in a sporty environment. The only information on her educational background is that she was a talented cheerleader during her years in high school. Another source revealed that Casey worked as a babysitter in the past.

A delve into her relationship status shows that Casey Nezhoda is married to  Rene Nezhoda who is also her partner in the thrift shop business. The couple has one child, a daughter named Tatiana whom they hope to pass the bargain hunter thrift business to in the future.

The Nezhoda family currently lives in San Diego County where they operate their successful thrift store. Casey and Rene have been successful so far in their business endeavors as they make appearances in reality shows finding the very best of what auction has to offer.

Who is Casey Nezhoda? Bio, Measurements, Net Worth
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Net Worth

Although her salary has never been published by any reliable source, Casey Nezhoda can boast of a tidy net worth of over $1.5 million. A lion’s share of her wealth is believed to have come from her career in the entertainment industry as a reality TV personality. Another source of her wealth is the thrift shop, she keeps with her husband Rene. The two are proud owners of a 7,000-sq-ft thrift shop popularly known as Bargain Hunters which is located in Poway California very close to San Diego.

Body Measurement

Casey’s trademark is her curvaceous buxom figure as well as her long curly brown hair. Nezhoda barely goes anywhere unnoticed with her unique body type and curvaceous bust. She has a proclivity of wearing very tight tank tops as well as other revealing clothes that defines the outline of her body shape.

The Storage Wars hottie sports an incredible figure. Although she has a slim body build, she has a very large bustline and wears a bra size of 34F. Even more fascinating is the undebatable fact that her bountifully endowed bustline is all from nature. That’s right, Casey Nezhoda doesn’t use breast implants. To date, she has maintained her killer body stats with sexy curves by conforming to a strict diet plan as well as a workable workout plan.

Her height is listed as 5 feet 6 inches which are approximately 165cm. She carries a normal body weight which was last recorded at 67 kg or 147lbs. Her general body measurement is summarized as 40-26-37 inches (102, 66, 94, cm) which is broken down as 40 for the bust, 26 for the waist, and 37 for the hips. Casey Nezhoda wears a dress size of 8 (US), a shoe size of 9 (US). Her hair is dyed black and she comes with blue-green eyes.