Who Is Cillian Murphy, Does He Have A Wife or Children?

A dedicated runner, one-time vegetarian and averse to the flamboyant lifestyle prevalent among his peers, Cillian Murphy is not your regular 21st-century celebrity. The simplicity of his lifestyle is such that he doesn’t have a fashion stylist, tries as much as possible to stay off the red carpet, and when he does, he comes along without much fanfare.

The striking blue-eyed Cillian Murphy is an Irish national, who has made waves in Hollywood and continues to fly the flag of his beloved country. Though he started as a Rock singer, Murphy has successfully transitioned into acting, cementing his place in the industry with a series of strong performances in 28 Days Later, Breakfast on Pluto, In the Heart of the Sea, and Dunkirk, among others.

Who Is Cillian Murphy?

The actor was born on 25th May 1976 in Douglas, County Cork, Ireland and spent most of his childhood life and adult years in  Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland. He attended Presentation Brothers College and even though he was a smart student, he was also very troublesome in school as he got into trouble for bad conduct most of the time.

His interest in Performing Arts began during his days in the college, where he got his first acting role in a drama presentation. His brilliant performance made his English teacher (a novelist named William Wall) encourage him to pursue a career in acting. Nevertheless, Murphy was more inclined to rock music at that time. He started singing and learned how to play the guitar, which he played for many bands and eventually created a band with his younger brother which they named The Sons of Mr. Greengenes.

The actor was once a student of University College Cork, where he was studying law but as he recalled, it was not his dream to be a law practitioner, so he did not give it his best and ended up failing his final exams. He also revealed that his venture into acting was not out of keen interest but because he wanted to socialize and make more female acquaintances. Cillian Murphy’s stage acting started with the Corcadorca Theatre Company and he landed his first role in Enda Walsh’s play Disco Pigs (September 1996). The success of the play spread like wildfire and henceforth, he started appearing in diverse plays at Dublin and London theatre, which later attracted film offers for him.

The actor is known for his volatile role and portrayal of villains in movies, which include 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Red Eye, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, and Dunkirk. His other major film is the BBC sitcom, Peaky Blinders that has been running since 2013 in which he played the lead role. He also voiced a character in the video game Batman Begins.

Asides his career as an actor, Cillian is committed to various UNESCO projects. He is a patron of the National University of Ireland Galway’s UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre. From his career as a rock musician to being a film star, Cillian Murphy has not done badly after all when it comes to his earnings over the years. From his endeavors, the actor has been able to amass a whopping net worth of $15 million.

Here’s What You Should Know About His Family Life

The rock star turned actor is married to Yvonne McGuinness, whom he met in 1996 at a concert in Dublin, where his band performed. Yvonne is an Irish Visual Artist and a graduate of the Royal College of Arts, London. After their meeting, the pair dated for almost 8 years before tying the knot on August 1st, 2004. They are also parents to two sons named Malachy and Aran, born December 2005 and July 2007, respectively.

From all indications, Cillian Murphy is very family-oriented and is known to put his family first in most of his career-based decision making. He lives in Monkstown, County Cork, Ireland. Despite the demands of his career, he made it known that he has no intention to relocate to Hollywood. Murphy prefers the solitary life the family enjoys there. He hardly attends film premieres, except for the films he is featured in just to stay off the prying eyes of the public and press. However, he appeared in a television show in 2010, which was his first since he commenced his career.

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