Who Is David Jacoby’s Wife, Lynette? Here Is Everything To Know

Who Is David Jacoby’s Wife, Lynette? Here Is Everything To Know

David Jacoby’s an Iowa State Representative, who is currently serving his 7th term in the Iowa House. The Rep. was elected in 2003 in a special election after Dick Myers resigned from the position. He ran for the position in 2006 unopposed and was re-elected with 9,639 votes.

The Democrat from the 30th District has served in several committees in the Iowa House since then, including the Human Resources Committee; the Transportation Committee; the State Government committee; the Appropriations Committee, and the Commerce Committee, which he currently chairs. He is also a Ranking Member of the Ways and Means committee.

David Jacoby – Brief Bio

David Jacoby was born in 1956 (Date and month unknown) in Marion, Iowa to George and Millie Jacoby. He was also raised in Marion and attended Marion High School. After High School, he enrolled in the University of Northern Iowa, where he bagged his Bachelor of Arts degree.


Jacoby is a man with so many years of leadership experience. Before his election into the Iowa House, he served on the Coralville City Council twice, as the leader in charge of the development of policies in a high-growth and community-oriented city. His input, during his two tenures in the council, has helped the Legislature tremendously in understanding the challenges of local government.

He was a former program Director of Workforce Initiatives at Kirkwood Community College for 23 years. In 2003 Dave was elected into the Iowa State Representative in a  special election, following the resignation of Dick Myers. He ran for the office in 2006 unopposed and was re-elected after garnering a total of 9,639 votes.

Since his election as Iowa representative, David Jacoby has served in several committees and under different capacities including the Chamber of Commerce, where he has served in various committees. He is also a Board Member of the Youth Leadership Program, a member of the Parents Against Synthetic Drugs, Victory Riders Association among many others.

He is now the STEM Coordinator at the University of Iowa and also a member of Carpenter’s Local 1260. David is a staunch Roman Catholic Christian and attends St Thomas More Catholic Church.

Asides politics David Jacoby is also a businessman. He owes a small business – Dave’s Resale which is into estate sales.

Seeking re-election from House 30, which includes Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, Iowa City, and Penn Township in 2010, Dave stated in his manifesto that his top priority was to help middle-class families and small businesses, and to achieve that, his focus would be to create new jobs and balance the state budget while at the same time keep his commitment to students from preschool to higher education.

In February 2018, he announced his intention to seek re-election. The Democrat revealed in a statement that while he is is glad and proud of the work he has already accomplished, there is still so much work to be done in order to get Iowa growing again.  He specifically cited the need for innovation in schools, he also raises concerns about the cost of higher education in the state.

Who Is David Jacoby’s Wife, Lynette? Here Is Everything To Know
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Who Is David Jacoby’s Wife Lynette? – Here Is Everything To Know

David is married to Lynette and together they have two adorable daughters, Ellie and Anna. The couple has been living happily together for over two decades. They have two rescue golden retrievers named Shea and Sophia.

Their older daughter Ellie attends Drake University, while their younger daughter Anna attends Iowa City West High School.

David and Lynette are really very private people who have succeeded in keeping their private life away from the media, thus, there isn’t so much info about them out in the open.

All that is known about David Jacoby’s Wife, Lynette, is that she holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa, and in addition, she is the Director of Johnson County Social Services.

In 2017, the couple wrote to the editor of Spotlight, endorsing Meghann Foster who was seeking election to the open Coralville City Council seat. The couple stated clearly in the endorsement letter that they trust Meghann will keep Coralville moving in the right direction, making it a wonderful, thriving, and vibrant community where all residents have an opportunity to live, learn, work, play, and retire.

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