Who Is Ekpe Udoh, The NBA Power Forward? 6 Things You Should Know

To some, the name Ekpe Udoh might not ring a bell but to those following new entrants in the NBA from all over the world, he sure is a popular young man on the rise. Ekpe is an American-born professional basketball player whose giant look is quite intimidating on the court as well as off the court. His is a story of what sheer hard work and determination can afford an athlete whose passion is matched with dedication and the right application of both strength and skill. So far, his stellar performance on the pitch has made him one of the most favored signees and power forward of the Utah Jazz in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Here are more compelling and interesting facts you should know about the champ.

Who is Ekpe Udoh, The NBA Power Forward?

Ekpedeme Friday Udoh(popularly known as Ekpe Udoh) was born in  Edmond, Oklahoma, United States, on the 20th of May 1987 to father, Sam Udoh, and Mother, Alice Udoh. When he was a kid living in Oklahoma he first took interest in playing football but his parent for some reason never liked him playing the sport as they wanted him to devote more time to his studies. Nevertheless, when he got into Edmond Santa Fe High School, Ekpe was encouraged by his pairs to try out their school’s basketball team due to his height. He yielded to this and quickly developed a passion for the game.

Upon graduating from high school, Ekpe gained admission into the University of Michigan where he quickly joined the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team and played for three years. While there between the 2007-2008 season, he led the ‘Big Ten Conference’ in a total of 92 blocked shots with a 2.9 average per game. He later transferred to the University of Baylor where he ended up averaging 6.3 rebounds, 2.8 blocks, 1.5 assists, and 8.4 points over his 103 game appearances.

Due to his impressive display of skill, the young baller earned himself the following; Big 12 All-Rookie team, Big 12 Newcomer of the Year, All-American honors by the Associated Press among others. He decided to forgo his final season in college as he declared for the NBA draft on the 13th of April 2010

6 Facts You Should Know About Him

1. Nigerian Parents

For many who had thought his name was a bit weird for a black American, Ekpe Udoh, though born in the United States, has Nigeria heritage as a result of his parents, Sam Udoh And Alice Udoh. Ekpe’s parents are well-educated people from  Ikot-Oku-Okon, of the Efik tribe in Nigeria, and his father Sam, first came into the United States in search of a better life for him and his wife in the year 1952.

By the time he immigrated, he didn’t know his birth date because his parents were not formally schooled. Nevertheless, Sam got a job while studying at the same time. After two years, he completed his studies and got a career as a radiology technician which made him financially stable enough to bring his wife Alice to the U.S. Soon enough Ekpe Udo was given birth to and he also has three siblings, a younger brother, Eddie Udoh and two lovely younger sisters named, Sefon Udoh and Esther Udoh.

2. Professional Career

Being that there are 30 picks in two separate rounds(totaling 60 picks) of any particular NBA draft, Ekpe Udoh got the chance to be chosen by the Golden State Warriors as the sixth overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. He currently plays as a power forward for the Utah Jazz of the NBA, a deal he signed on the 21st of July 2017.

3. Net worth 

Ekpe Udoh is a young man living the dream he always pictured for himself. Due to his skills on the court, he has been able to gain the success that most men his age can only fantasize about especially given the kind of career he is thriving in. Thus with his years as a professional athlete, he is smiling happily to the bank with a whopping net worth of 3.525 million USD.

4. Higher Education 

Though the NBA star earns so much money playing basketball which could have made him drop out totally from school, he decided to complete his higher education in order to have a plan B, please his parents, and set a good example for his sisters. The Power forward later went back to Baylor University and finished his college studies.

5. Height and Weight

As with most contact sports which require athletes to have a particular body type structure, the game of basketball tends to favor athletes who are much taller and leaner in body frame due to the need to facilitate an impressive dunk. With Ekpe Udoh, just by looking at him, he passes for a modern-day giant because he makes even some of the tallest guys in the basketball look like midgets. Thus at a height of 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 m) paired with a good weight of 245 lbs (111 kg), we guess you can imagine just how massive he is.

6. Relationship

Ekpedeme Friday Udoh doesn’t have a girlfriend yet and he is not married to anyone. To prove this he posted a tweet on 8 Sep 2012 which states “I need a girlfriend/wifey. Ok, that’s all. Good day.” This got instant reactions from his followers who had suggestions for potential spouses for him while some insinuated that what he was actually looking for was a groupie, not a wife. Funnily, one fan was disappointed that he even wanted a wife, stating that Udoh was too young for that.