Who Is Elizabeth Zaks? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

If you are as pretty as Elizabeth Zaks, then you most likely will be the next model we are going to write about. It is that easy, simply follow the footsteps of Zaks which we will let you be in the know of here, and without a doubt, you will see yourself as the next internet sensation.

While you are at it or still deciding on it, Elizabeth Zaks has really put in a lot of work to be where she is today. To be on top of her game, she graced the social media platform – Instagram as her platform of choice to stardom, we learned she also makes vlogs on her YouTube channel through which she regularly reaches out to fitness enthusiasts and like minds. Indeed, it takes a lot to stand out amidst the teeming crowd of youngsters who are talented in one craft or the other. Nevertheless, Zaks made it to the top of her niche. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Who Is Elizabeth Zaks?

She is an Instagram among those born on June 13, 1996. Elizabeth Zaks is Russian but was born in the Sunshine State (Florida) in the United States of America which makes her nationality American. The youngster still lives in Florida from where she sees to the beehive of activities on her various social media handles.

Like most young people of her generation, Elizabeth took to social media as early as it’s possible for her. She began posting her workout pictures and videos on to a handful of ardent followers who would generously share each mesmerizing post she made on her account. It wasn’t too long before her followers started to multiply in numbers, indicative of great things coming her way.

Today, she has not only made a name for herself doing what most people might not attach much importance to, but she has also been rewarded pretty well for it. The Russian model is currently recognized as a fitness consultant and with her strong social media presence, her fan base has continued to soar higher which have prompted more people to search for everything there is to know about her.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Her

She is known to be dating her high school boyfriend Michael Falco since 2013 and they are still together.

Like most other people who have perfectly ripped out body today, Elizabeth Zaks once hated the way she looked. She recalls standing in front of the mirror, looking at how she looked which made her cry. A day came when she decided to accompany her boyfriend to the gym simply for the fun of it.

That day marked a turning point in her life as she discovered a path to her personal happiness, feeling a lot better after the day’s exercise routine. For every other day she went to the gym, she felt better and much fulfilled than the previous day, this fuelled her commitment to her exercise routines and as a reward, she began to see noticeable improvements in the way she looked.

Since then, to the present time, it has been a life of fulfilment with more milestones to achieve.

As a model, you are right to expect her to spot the perfect combination of measurements for the members of her body. Yes, Elizabeth Zaks does stand out in this regard even by mere physical assessment. Though some people have expressed different opinions, not agreeing that she is exceptionally beautiful, one still can’t take it away from her that she is famous today for the way she looks.

Elizabeth stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is the proportional equivalent of 1.70 m. At this height, her regular workouts have put her weight at a healthy 51 kg or 114 lbs. Her bust measures 35 inches while her waist is at 23 inches with hips of 39 inches. She wears a shoe size of 7.5 while her dresses are normally size 2 both in U.S standard measurements.

On her body, you will find no piercings or tattoos. She has blue eyes while her hair is brown in colour.


  • Her Website And Entrepreneurship

Being in the right body shape is something most Americans find herculean to attain, following a regular work out schedule is more difficult for some people to keep to than initially trying it out.

However, to overcome these two, Elizabeth Zaks launched her website which prides itself to make both men and women fall in love with their physique in contrast to the regular marketing cliche of “before and after” similar websites in the same niche use to sell their fitness products. On her site ezfitguide.com she sells her own fitness guides which have proven to be potent if followed faithfully.

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