Who is Emilyispro And Why Did She Fake Cancer To Get Donations

Who is Emilyispro And Why Did She Fake Cancer To Get Donations

Trending on or going viral on social media could be interesting and fun but no one wants to trend or go viral for the wrong reason(s). Unfortunately trending for the wrong reason(s) has almost become a norm on social media and most times cannot be avoided, as people from time to time post wrong stuff which goes viral and ends up offending a lot of people, just like Emilyispro.

Check out these instances, in 2015, Lily James (the actress who played Cinderella in the Disney movie Cinderella), in an attempt to express her excitement at the successful Premiere of the movie in Tokyo wrote via Instagram: ‘Shinderera’ premiere in Tokyo…”  The rather simple post went viral and generated a lot of hate messages, with many accusing her of racism for mocking the Japanese pronunciation of Cinderella.

Another instance would be a PR consultant Justine Sacco who with a singular tweet she considered funny, became one of the most hated individuals on earth. Just before heading to South Africa in 2013, she had tweeted: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” and the whole internet came for her, if it were possible, she would have been ripped into pieces.

It is true that there is freedom of speech on social media, however, the networking platforms are not where to get away with just about anything.

Well, these two instances may not be said to be exactly the case with Emilyispro, as many may argue that Lily and Sacco’s cases were merely a case of a mistake while Emilyispro’s is a pre-meditated action which was aimed at deceiving and extorting money from an innocent audience, well, you may just wait till you have read the full story behind her action before deciding where to place her.

Who is Emilyispro And Why Did She Fake Cancer To Get Donations

We won’t be giving you her bio or doing background information about the streamer as there is scanty information about her online. Emilyispro is the online handle of Twitch streamer Emily Schröder.

Emily is a Runescape streamer who has caused a lot of controversies lately. She had broken down during one of her streams, claiming to have chronic lymphocytic leukemia, this went viral and attracted sympathy from the audience who went out of their way to donate to her treatment. She allegedly made over $100,000 from her viewers.

Who is Emilyispro And Why Did She Fake Cancer To Get Donations
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The controversy and the fact that she’s been called a cancer wh*re began after she, in another stream, denied ever saying she had this fictitious disease. People began speculating that Emily Schröder must have faked the cancer story to attract sympathy and get donations – this led to the copypasta phrase “Emily faked cancer,” which went viral on social media.

The original video of the stream is nowhere to be found online, but the footage of Schröder discussing the incident in 2013 is on YouTube.

YouTuber Vexxed came to Emilyispro’s defense when he uploaded a video on his channel discussing the controversy. In the video, Vexxed stated that the allegations against her are not justifiable as there is “no evidence” that she faked being diagnosed with cancer, and that the whole stuff was “just a meme.”  Vexxed later uploaded another video that showed Emilyispro denying she faked having cancer.

Many called on the Runescape community to ban her but she didn’t get banned and this got people more freaked out, considering that other people get banned on Runescape for less trivial offenses than the one she committed. A wheelchair-bound gamer was once banned from Twitch.tv after he was accused of faking his disability.

The gamer who goes by the name Angel “zilianOP” Hamilton regularly appeared on Twitch.tv and was known for being paralyzed from the waist down, thus, he used the service to earn money via donations. On the day his act of deceit was exposed, Hamilton is seen standing up and walking while on camera. Though he didn’t appear to be standing straight, he was walking unaided.

After Hamilton’s incident, a Twitch spokesperson came out to condemn his action saying it was a huge slap in the face of the Twitch community members with real disabilities, and that Twitch has zero-tolerance for this type of behavior. He added that the community would be offering refunds to those who subscribed to his channel through their platform. This has left questions as to why Emilyispro didn’t get the same punishment as Hamilton.