Who Is Eric Nally’s Wife, Karen? His Family, Bio, Age, Is He Gay?

Vocalist Eric Nally attracted huge attention for himself as the lead vocalist of the American rock band Foxy Shazam. However, his popularity only soared when he did the hook feature on a track for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

As there are several speculations surrounding the basic facts of the man’s bio, and varied conjectures made about his wife and sexual orientation, we bring you the facts.

Bio, Age, and Rise to Fame

Eric Sean Nally was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States of America in 1982. Cincinnati obviously holds quite a lot of memories for him as he was raised here and also met the guys who were to become his future band members here. Eric attended a high school designated for only boys. He was one of the two white boys in an all-black school.

Eric Nally became a member of the musical rock band, Foxy Shazam when it started up in 2004. Foxy Shazam originated in Cincinnati, Ohio and was made up of six key members. These were Sky White (Pianist), Aaron McVeigh (Drummer), Loren Turner (Guitarist), Daisy Caplan (Bassist), Alex Nauth (Back-up Vocalist and Trumpeter) and of course Eric Nally as the Lead Vocalist.

Foxy Shazam’s first album was titled The Flamingo and was released shortly after its formation. Other albums are Introducing, Foxy Shazam (self-titled) and The Church of Rock and Roll. Ten years after its formation, the band decided to take a break for an unknown period of time. This came months after the release of their fifth album on the 2nd of April 2014.

During the ten years that Foxy Shazam reigned, Eric was known to pull quite a number of crazy stunts. He even played the media for fools for five long years. He had them believe that the group’s name was inspired by the code name for cool shoes in his high school. Everyone swallowed this until he revealed it was all a joke.

Well, Eric Nally has been pretty busy since the break from Foxy Shazam, in fact, he has become even more popular. In 2015, he joined Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in singing their pop song ‘Downtown’ which became a major hit on the radio. The song achieved much commercial success and Eric got even more fame for his part in singing the hook. He also went on tour around Europe with the duo and supposedly gained a first-hand experience which he later imbibed into his own song. During the tour, he closed their performance every time by singing the hook of the song. Apparently, this helped his budding solo music career.

The rock artist also does well in songwriting as he writes both his songs and for others. He is credited for co-writing with singers like Loaf and Justin Hawkers. His personal writings are majorly inspired by events that happened to him or around him. He recently released his first solo album.

His Family – Who Is Eric Nally’s Wife, Karen?

As a music figure that goes on tours, Eric Nally has to be away from his family once in a while and the star describes such times as tough but necessary. He loves his family so much and puts in a lot of work to ensure that they are alright even while he isn’t with them. Members of Eric Nally’s family include his wife and their two children.

Eric Nally is married to Karen Nally. From the much we gathered, we can emphatically tell that Eric loves and adores his wife. The couple has two children together, Francis Nally and Julian Nally. Karen’s identity before her marriage to Eric and what she does presently have been hugely overshadowed by her husband’s fame. Hardly can anyone tell anything about her apart from being Eric Nally’s life partner.

Is He Gay?

Rumour has it that Eric Nally or at least, one member of the Foxy Shazam must be gay. Why? Well, it’s because of their song titled ‘I am in love with a boy. Speculations rose high because of the song but Alex Nauth quelled this in an interview where he assured that they weren’t gay but very open to being creative while writing and singing their songs.

Mr Nally stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm). He sports a fit physique with a bodyweight of 72 kg (159 lb). The talented vocalist maintains a jet black hair colour which is undoubtedly one of his trademark features. His eyes are blue in colour.

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