Who Is Erica Herman – Tiger Wood’s Girlfriend? Here’s What We Know

When he is not making the headlines for his groundbreaking golfing skills which have made him a decorated athlete worldwide, might be on the same headlines, except this time for the wrong reasons. His infamous relationship timeline has always been a subject of controversy and countless women who have threaded that path came out with many regrets. Surprisingly, more keep coming into the picture and with Kristin Smith out, Erica Herman is the new girl on the block.

Who Is Erica Herman?

Although Erica Herman is mostly known as the latest girlfriend of golf legend Tiger Woods, she had a life pre-Woods. She is in the restaurant business and has worked as a manager before the golfer came along. Erica managed restaurants like the Aura Bar & Restaurant and Wood’s Jupiter restaurant – both in the state of Florida.

This American beauty who seems to have a strong hold on the randy golfer was born on February 15, 1984, in the USA and named Erica Fallon Herman. Apart from the few details about her birth, other facts like the particular place she was born, her parents, and educational background have not been easy to find. What we do know is that she has a brother named Scott and he, with some other members of her family, have had more than a few run-ins with the law, mostly about drug-related issues.

Most people in the world were oblivious of the existence of Erica Herman until Tiger Woods came along and shoved her under the spotlight. Their relationship has garnered a lot of media attention since it started and while some people are almost sure the romance is bound to crash, considering Woods’ notoriety with women, these two have continued to serve some serious relationship goals. Let’s go back to how the journey began for Tiger and Erica.

Her Relationship With Tiger Woods

She was once in a serious relationship with Jesse Newton, the CEO and President of Jin & Tonic Hospitality Group but things obviously didn’t work out for the duo. It is not clear when Erica and Jesse parted ways but she was very much available when Tiger Woods and his last girlfriend Kristin Smith called it quits in mid-2017. They began dating soon after the breakup in the same year and made it public with their appearance at the Presidents Cup together.

Herman was reportedly preying on Woods for years, hoping to get his attention. She now has his full attention and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to let go, despite the damaging controversies surrounding the golfer’s love life. Erica is often seen at Tiger’s matches, cheering him on from where the players’ spouses and girlfriends stay.

Although Erica Herman does not go around flaunting her relationship with Woods, the media attention that has come to torment her is inevitable. Since she and her beau went public, she has been called several names with “gold digger” taking center stage. Rumour has it that she has been on to Tiger like a predator for at least ten years, waiting for the right moment to get her claws on him. Apparently, she got her chance at a time when the golfer was feeling downcast as a result of his myriad of failed relationships, marriage, and sexual misconduct allegations brought against him by different women.

About Tiger Woods’ Past Love Life

It’s been a beehive of activities in the personal life of the iconic golfer. He has been romantically linked to women of all shapes and size, as well as different walks of life. He also married one of them but it didn’t end well. His ex-wife Elin Nordegren lived through his extramarital affairs and sexual escapades with several women while they were together and for a man who admitted to being a serial cheater, their divorce in 2010 didn’t come as a surprise.

The end of his marriage did nothing to change his lifestyle as Woods continued having fun with his women. It was so bad that he had to go to rehab for sex addiction, a condition that almost spelled doom for his career. He later made a public statement in the bid to render his apologies to all the people who were offended by his lifestyle. According to him, the fame and money that came with his successful career got the best of him and made him feel entitled to whatever he wants.

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