Who Is Erik Hoffstad? Here Are Facts You Must Know About The YouTube Star

There is no doubt that what is worth doing at all is always worth doing well. With an understanding of the given, Erik Hoffstad, an American YouTuber, actor, editor, and comedy writer couldn’t just imagine how one would do something and not do it correctly, it just wouldn’t go down well with him, even when it is just posting comments on the internet. Thus, he set out to teach other internet users how to properly post comments via his YouTube channel named Internet Comment Etiquette. The series was featured on his former channel, Let’sGoToClass.

Hoffstad offers satirical tutorial guides on how to post “proper” and “respectful “comments online. What to say, when the teacher does not only give poor lessons on the subjects we assume him to be an authority in, not to talk of going vulgar and using N-words, albeit humorously. He thrives on his filthy, troll-filled cesspool which is seeming, at least in Erik’s opinion, a standard YouTube comment thread.

His poor internet lessons and bizarre comment threads have, however, earned him more followers than a real lesson would. He has earned more than 825k subscribers while his videos have been viewed not less than 86 million times. Before we proceed to the internet etiquette, let’s go to class to learn more about the teacher himself, Erik Hoffstad.

Who Is Erik Hoffstad?

Erik Hoffstad was born on February 24, 1985, in California. Besides his birth name, the internet comment etiquette tutor is also known by his nicknames; Salvia Erik, Big Money, and Big Money Salvia.

His first foray into the YouTube community was in June 2007 when he created the channel LetsGOtoCLASS with his friend Chris Lader. Therein, they feature original sketches, as well as short films. Some of his early videos include a comedy skit titled Billys Guitar Lesson featuring a guitar teacher who verbally accuses his student by performing songs with offensive lyrics on the pretext of a lesson, and Gardening on Salvia where he attempts to demonstrate how to garden, supposedly under the influence of the psychoactive plant, salvia.

The latter became his first viral hit on YouTube and have amassed over 2.1 million views since it was uploaded. It was subsequently followed by other Salvia sequel videos where he also attempts to perform different tasks while on the hallucinogen. It was on the collab channel that Hoffstad started his internet comment etiquette series before launching a new channel solely for the tutorials, in 2009. The new channel and its subject, especially the saliva smoking series, became Erik Hoffstad’s claim to fame.

The first episode of Internet Comment Etiquette premiered on February 19, 2009. On his first video, Erik Hoffstad featured a man showing his recipe for roasted chicken and Erik demonstrates how to post a “proper” comment on the video. Hoffstad covers various topics from How to Apologize Online to Staying Happy and Things You’re Doing Wrong. Additionally, he features a series on the channel named Tweet from the Class where he attempts to answer questions from his students on Twitter.

Although the premise of the etiquette series suggests a focus on teaching on exercising proper manners and etiquettes in comment sections across various online platforms, the tutor often ends up posting comments that are exact opposites. His comments are usually rude and vulgar but there are also cases where he leaves abnormally polite and insightful comments as opposed to his normal remarks.

Facts You Must Know About Erik Hoffstad

1. By virtue of his birth on February 24, 1985, Hoffstad belong to the zodiac group, Pisces.

2. Before fame came calling, Erik Hoffstad worked as a web content provider for FX.

3. Erik provides his lesson materials by trolling YouTube, watching videos on different topics or themes and typing a humorous comment on it.

4. As an actor, Hoffstad is known for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Outlaws Don’t Get Funerals.

5. He has also been featured on the h3h3 podcast where he gave his own one-off segment known as Erik’s Conspiracy Closet.

6. Besides his internet persona, not much is known about the internet etiquette comment tutor.

7. Hoffstad started YouTube comment threads with internet sensation, comedian and actress, .

8. Outside YouTube, his presence is announced on other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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