Who Is Francis Capra? Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Acting Career

Who Is Francis Capra? Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Acting Career

A lot of actors stepped into the spotlight in their childhood, carved a place in the hearts of fans, and remained favorites of the fans who saw them act like a kid. Francis Capra is one of such people. He is mostly remembered for his role in the adapted crime drama A Bronx Tale. Capra who is actually a Bronx native will always be remembered for how well he portrayed the character of Calogero Anello, a performance that earned him a nomination from the Young Artist Awards.

Capra has appeared in a number of films and television shows in a career in acting that has lasted for over two decades. This article details the highlights of his career, as well as facts about some aspects of his personal life.

Who Is Francis Capra? (Bio, Age)

On the 27th of April in 1983, Francis Capra was born in one of the boroughs of New York City, The Bronx, where he also spent most of his childhood before moving to Los Angeles with his family in a bid to pursue a career in acting. For his high school education, he attended the Catholic school, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School. Capra’s ancestors are from Italy and the Dominican Republic, thus, he is of Italian and Dominican descent. As a child, he loved to read books and spend time at the book store, Barnes & Noble looking for books.

Some people believe that Francis Capra is related to the director and writer Frank Capra because of the similarities in their names and the fact that they both hail from Italy, but on the contrary, he is in no way related to the late Frank Capra.

Acting Career

Francis Capra’s acting career began when he was aged 10 in 1993 with the role of the Calogero Anello in the movie A Bronx Tale; he starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri, playing the son of the former. After his performance on the crime drama, he was cast in the sequel of the family film, Free Willy in the supporting role of Elvis.

In all of his time as an actor, he has had more roles in television shows than movies, however, one of his bigger performances is in the film Veronica Mars (2014), where he played the role of Eli “Weevil” Navarro, a role he reprised in the television show. Some other movies and television shows he has appeared in are Kazaam (1996), Crank (2006), The Guardian (2003), So Little Time (2001), and The Shield (2002). Francis Capra continues to remain active in the film industry.

Relationships – Wife

Francis Capra is currently married to a woman called Nora; the two had been friends for a while before making their relationship official and then eventually getting married. The exact timeline of their relationship is not known as he kept the relationship away from the media. She is not the first woman to have been linked to him romantically as he has been in a relationship with actress, Agnes Bruckner.

Who Is Francis Capra? Age, Height, Siblings, Parents, Acting Career
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Their relationship lasted from 2003 to 2005. Capra has talked about his love for tattoos which is quite obvious as the star sports over 15 tattoos.

Parents and Siblings

Capra has stated that he did not really know his father as he was in jail for most of his life. In 2003 when Capra was twenty years old, his father lost his life in a shootout. To him, the vague memory of this man who was rarely around to groom him is what mentored him into the man he is today. Francis Capra’s mother, Ann Marie Capra cared for Francis and his siblings; he has three sisters. His sisters’ names are Asa, Ava, and Chanel. Chanel, like him, is an actress. It was after he got cast in A Bronx Tale that the family left New York.

Francis Capra Height

Capra has been in the spotlight for most of his life and people have watched him grow into the man he is today, however, it has always been clear that he is a short man. His athletic build looks better with his height – 5 feet 6 inches which when converted to meters is 1.67.

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