Who Is Gaijin Goomba? His Wife and Everything Else You Should Know

Gaijin Goomba is far from your average YouTube video gamer. A lover of all things Japanese, Gaijin Goombah is committed to sharing with the world the knowledge he has garnered from world cultures and religions.

He rose to fame as one of the contributors of the uber-popular educational entertainment channel, The Game Theorist which boasts over 10 million subscribers. Gaijin also owns a personal YouTube channel with over 500 K subscribers. Here is everything there is to know about him.

Who Is Gaijin Goomba?

Gaijin Goomba whose real name is Michael Sundman was born in the United States on September 5, 1984. Though Goombah was born and raised in the American culture, Texas to be precise, he developed a passion for the Japanese culture in his teens. Gaijin would come to dedicate his life to studying Japanese history including the country’s relationship with other Asian countries like Korea and China as well as Japan’s relationship with European countries, and of course America.

From studying about Japan, Gaijin Goomba developed an interest in other cultures of the world. Having spent years learning so much about cultures and a bit of religion, Gaijin Goomba sought to share his knowledge with the world, particularly the younger generation. In order to do this, the nerdy Gaijin looked to video games, anime, and movies.

Gaijin Goomba began gaining traction online in 2012 when his works attracted the attention of The Game Theorist creator Mattew Patrick. Mattew Patrick or MatPat as he is famously known brought Gaijin Goomba alongside three others (including Drake McWhorter, Austin Hourigan, and Ronnie Edward) on his team, and collectively, they were referred to as The Game Theorists.

The channel which now boasts over 10 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views is focused on video game analysis.

Gaijin immediately stood out for hosting Game Exchange. The show focuses on the cultural differences of video games. It also explores folklore and mythology in a bid to explain the peculiarities of foreign games especially games with Japanese culture. Gaijin also hosts Game Exchange: Culture Shook, a sub-show of Game Exchange.

Gaijin Goomba started his own YouTube channel on January 6th, 2012. He designed his avatar based on Goombo. Goombo is a common enemy, a sub-species of Goombas found in Super Mario Land. It is basically a dangerous walking mushroom and was referred to as Chibibos in Japanese before the Virtual Console release of Super Mario Land which revealed their English names.

The avatar in typical Gaijin Goomba fashion is dressed in traditional Japanese robes and sandals and resembles Michael wearing his glasses and featuring a small beard similar to Michael’s. It also has strapped on its back a sword named a Pixel Cuttler. The avatar has evolved over the years.

In addition to YouTube, Gaijin Goomba boasts a decent presence on other social media platforms including Twitter. He created his Twitter account on March 8th, 2012. Marking his date of joining the platform, Goomba tweeted; “March 8th, 2012. I finally take the advice of my fans and start a Twitter account.”

Goomba also has a Twitch account and a Patreon account. He became more focused on Patreon explaining his reason to be the vagary of YouTube’s ad revenue system and flighty algorithm which he said has made it harder to grow his views and revenue. Gaijin was able to use his Patreon to create a new show called Which Ninja. Which Ninja discusses all things ninja. Gaijin analyzes modern ninja characters while checking for genuineness.

His Wife

Gaijin Goomba is married to Akiterra Goombah, a fellow YouTube star who hosts Aki’s Pixel Pets on the GaijinGoomba YouTube channel. Many of Gaijin’s video features his wife’s voice as she plays video games with him. Her real name is Sarah and she was born on January 30, 1987. She hails from Joplin in Arkansas. Goomba’s wedding with his wife was live-streamed on Goomba’s channel. He has an anime video of how they met on his channel.

Other Facts To Know About Gaijin Goomba

1. His moniker Gaijin Goomba was inspired by his love for Japanese culture. “Gaijin” is the Japanese word for a foreigner, anyone who isn’t Japanese. Goombah is a species of enemies on the Super Mario Land video game. Goombah literally means a senior member of a criminal gang. It is slang used to describe Italian people in the US with gang affiliations.

2. When the news went round that The Game Theorist had lost one of its members in 2018, many speculated it was Gaijin, but on the contrary, it was Ronnie Edward who passed. He committed suicide on Jul 4, 2018. He was 25 years old.

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