Who is Geneva Ayala, XXXTentacion’s Ex-Girlfriend? 6 Quick Facts

The death of Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, popularly known as brought a few topical issues – that have been a staple of rap music – back into the mainstream conversation. Issues such as domestic violence, as regarding XXXtentacion’s treatment of his ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala were brought to the forefront of music discussions. XXXtentacion, who can be remembered to be a budding rap talent set to take over the world was shot dead by a couple of assailants on the 18th of June in 2018.

While girlfriends and lovers of celebrities often become popular as a result of public displays of affection for their partner, Geneva Ayala had to suffer the unfortunate tragedy of becoming known as XXXtentacion’s girlfriend after he reportedly hit her and his string of domestic violence allegations made the news. With the death of XXXtentacion, Geneva has become a poster face for the survivors of domestic violence. Who is she? Learn more about her by reading below.

Who is Geneva Ayala, XXXTentacion’s Ex-Girlfriend?

One could say when XXXtentacion’s hands hit Geneva Ayala, it was a continuation of the string of violence and mistreatment that plagued her life since she was born on the 13th of August in 1996. Geneva Ayala was born in Florida, the USA to a mother and father who did not care very much for her. This abandonment led to her being raised by her grandmother in Miami. At her grandmother’s, Geneva Ayala tried to have a normal childhood, including going to school, but with her getting bullied in school, normalcy was but a distant dream for her.

After the death of her grandmother, Geneva Ayala was forced to move back in with her mother, but the reunion would not be a happy one as her mother stopped paying the bills in the house, causing her to live without water and electricity. Her mother, who was dating another man at the time got pregnant and decided to move in with her lover, thus, leaving Geneva alone to fend for herself.

Her mother’s relocation to her boyfriend’s house threw Ayala into a cycle of homelessness, moving from one place to another as she sought shelter in neighbor’s homes, motels or parks. She sought and got minimum wage jobs in order to pay for some of her needs, including working for Pizza Hut.

When XXXtentacion came into her life in 2014, she was dating a high school boyfriend at the time. Geneva, who was two years older than XXXtentacion met the rapper after her high school boyfriend posted revenge porn of her after a fight. The incident brought the two together, with Geneva ending her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and began dating XXXtentacion.

After just five months into the relationship with XXXtentacion, allegations of domestic abuse by the rapper on Ayala began to surface. Incidents such as a 2015 incident where XXXtentacion slapped her for admiring a friend’s Snapchat video and humming another artist’s music began to make the airwaves, revealing the tragedy of Geneva Ayala’s life as XXXtentacion’s girlfriend.

Perhaps one of the worst incidents of her experience with XXXtentacion was the story of her abuse while she was pregnant with the couple’s child. The story of the incident, which became public knowledge after Geneva testified in court against XXXtentacion for battery charges told the story of XXXtentacion beating her with bottles and hangers while he held her head under running water in a bathtub.

The court battle did not leave Ayala without her own allegations from XXXtentacion, who accused her of cheating on him and trying to blackmail him with the domestic abuse allegations. This reaction from XXXtentacion fueled online and real-life abuse from fans of the rapper who harassed her for daring to report and challenge her abuser.


At the end of the ordeal, she was an ex-girlfriend of XXXtentacion and when he died, she became a symbol of survivor for many victims of domestic violence. Geneva Ayala is also an Instagram model.

Six Quick Facts About Geneva Ayala

1. She stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. Geneva Ayala is a pretty woman who has an admirable body. She also has a body weight of 51kg with body features like brown hair and dark brown eyes.

2. After XXXtentacion’s death, a GoFundMe page set up for Ayala to pay her medical bills was able to raise $30,000 in support of her.

3. Court files of her testimony about XXXtentacion’s abuse are 142 pages long.

4. She is considered to be worth a total of $25,000.

5. Geneva Ayala is of mixed ethnicity. Her father also reportedly has 13 children.

6. The abuse by supporters of XXXtentacion reportedly continued after his death as she was thrown out of his funeral when she tried to attend.

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