Who Is Gus Sorola Wife (Esther), Height, Age, Ethnicity

The beginning of Gus Sorola’s fame has been traced back to 2003 when he brainstormed with Burnie Burns and Geoff Ramsey to form Rooster Teeth, an entertainment and media company that takes pride in producing online series which are enthusiastically praised across the globe just like its podcast and gaming-related activities.

Thus far, the American outlet has grown to encompass several divisions, boasting of more than 5 million monthly visitors on its hub – RoosterTeeth.com and over 45 million people who are subscribed to the Rooster Teeth YouTube Network. As the company’s growth has been sustained over the years, so has Gus Sorola’s fame soared.

Gus Sorola’s Biography (Age and Ethnicity)

Records have it that this American podcast host and actor was born in the United States of America; precisely, in Austin, Texas on the 22nd of February and in the year 1978. Although the entertainer named Gustavo Raul Sorola III at birth was born in Austin, he was brought up in Eagle Pass, a city in Maverick County that borders Mexico’s Piedras Negras in Coahuila.

While details of Gus Sorola’s early life with his family are scanty, we can tell he completed his high school education and moved on to a private research university (William Marsh Rice University) in Houston, Texas to further his studies. After a while, he earned an employment with TeleNetwork – a tech support local company.

It was at TeleNetwork that he met Burns and Ramsey. They became friends and soon decided to form drunkgamers.com. The idea was for them to all get drunk and review video games. It was never imagined that the drunkgamers will soon metamorphose into a globally acclaimed and profitable media production company specializing in a diverse guise of online entertainment ranging from games and podcast networks to animation.

Gus Sorola and his mates struck a breakthrough when the video game they reviewed brought about Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicle, a comic science web series which immediately received positive reviews. It was soon celebrated as the most successful machinima production with The Wall Street Journal estimating its viewership as high as 1 million per week. Sorola has been voicing the Richard Simmons character in the series. Beyond this, he has played other voice roles while taking charge of other responsibilities for the company. Nonetheless, Gus is most acknowledged as the manager and host of the Rooster Teeth Podcast where he shares stories of his journey through life from time to time.

It has largely been difficult for people to guess Gustavo Sorola’s ethnicity correctly. Even though his name gives him away as a man of Latino heritage, his looks have left many believing he’s of Korean descent. Followers of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures which portrays stories shared on Rooster Teeth Podcast should know that it has even been suggested that the man is of Black and Korean descent. True, Gus does look Asian but as far as we can tell, his mom and dad are Mexican – he’s of Hispanic ancestry.

Who Is Gus Sorola’s Wife (Esther)

Gus Sorola’s love life revolves around his wife, Esther Sorola. It is said that the two are yet to have any kids and are living together with their dogs in Austin, Texas. Unlike Gus, practically nothing is known about Esther. The two have successfully kept the public eyes away from their marriage.

Nonetheless, we have been able to authenticate claims about Gus’ wife being a YouTuber. Her eponymous YouTube channel which has been around since the 16th of January 2008 has only 2,338 subscribers as of July 2018. Also, we have linked Esther to Esty, an e-commerce platform albeit not substantively.

Height and Other Facts

1. Mr. Gus is quite a tall man, he is 6 feet 2 inches tall(1.88 m).

2. The man is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. It is said that he was ordained online and has officiated marriages for friends and family.

3. Gus has a thing for being naked and claims he has superhuman powers which include predicting the future through dreams.

4. He is very reluctant about having kids, hardly can anyone tell why this is so.

5. Football is his favorite sports and he supports Crystal Palace of the English Premier League

6. The total value of his wealth has been estimated at $3 million, we are yet to substantiate this.

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