Who is Hayes Hargrove, Kristen Wiig’s Ex-Husband? All You Need To Know

From the year 2005 through 2009, Hayes Hargrove and Kristen Wiig were a couple adored in Hollywood but little did we know that the love that seemingly brought them together would skedaddle. Following their divorce, Hayes and Kristen have gone on to live their separate lives finding different new love interests as well as advancing their respective careers.

While Hargrove’s marriage and subsequent divorce from Wiig is well known to the public, some of what he has done and is doing in his career and what personality he embodies are still not in the knowledge of many people. Find out here, who Kristen Wiig’s ex-heartthrob really is.

Who is Hayes Hargrove, Kristen Wiig’s Ex-Husband?

Many years ago before Hayes Hargrove grew to prominence as an actor, writer, and comedian, he was born in New York, the United States into a White-American family where he was nurtured from his tender age till he was old enough to look after himself. It is not yet known what the names of his parents are, whether or not he has siblings and what schools he attended. This notwithstanding, Hayes is known to have had an interest in acting since he was a kid and probably had skewed most of what he did while growing up to the development and furtherance of his acting interest.

Hayes’s career as an actor is still pretty young, but the young man has been doing well for himself garnering a throng of movie watchers who appreciate his works and look forward to seeing his next big project released. The actor has as one of his earliest works to be his portrayal of the character Sasha Plotzkin in the 2007 movie titled Beyond the Pale. Following this work, Hargrove was next seen in Fingers, alongside Ben Daniels as he was casting the short role of Tim; a bartender in the movie which he is also credited to have co-produced.

From such a humble beginning, the New York-born actor had his eyes set on finding his way to the top of his career. Thus, with every opportunity he got in a movie, he made sure he performed better than he did in his previous work. The result of this determination manifested in the year 2009 when Hayes Hargrove landed a role in the comedy series High Maintenance. The quality of his acting in the series at the time was at its best and this shot him up to greater fame and endeared him to a lot more people.

Having distinguished himself as an actor with exceptional skills, Hargrove knew for certain that his career has gained the right momentum with which he will drive on and achieve his lifelong dreams. He was subsequently cast in Take My Wife, Slaphappia, Beyond the Pale, Starlight & Superfish and Art House in 2010. He acted as Emmanuel, a music consultant in the latter.

Hayes Hargrove has gone on to star alongside industry big names like  and Mary McDonnell in Major Crimes (2012) in Masters of Sex (2013), and Peter Stormare and in Swedish Dicks (2016). The Starlight & Superfish star has also featured on the popularly watched television show “Late Night with .”

Hayes Hargrove Relationship With Kristen Wiig

Hayes Hargrove’s relationship with Kristen Wiig at the time was ideal and very rare in the industry they both worked in. However, beyond this seemingly wonderful relationship which grew into a marriage, was a divorce that wouldn’t strike beyond their 4th year of taking their forever vows. The duo got married in the year 2005 and by 2009, they seemed to have exhausted what brought them together.


Following their divorce, Kristen Wiig has gone on to find love with Avi Rothman while Katherine Von Till became the new love interest of Hayes Hargrove. The former couple are both doing fine in their respective relationships though we have not heard wedding bells from either quarter.

Facts and All You Need to Know About Him

  • Hayes Hargrove is reliably reported to have a net worth estimate of about $2 million.
  • The actor wears what has been described by many as a million dollar smile. He is unquestionably handsome and stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches.
  • Aside from his acting career, Hayes is a sketch writer and also a spokesperson for Orville Redenbacher.
  • In one of the interviews he granted, we learned from him that if he wasn’t an actor, he would probably be a therapist or chef.
  • What three things can’t you leave your home without? For Hayes Hargrove, it would be his keys, wallet and of course chapsticks.

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