Who Is Hickok45 (Greg Kinman)?

Who Is Hickok45 (Greg Kinman)?

Hickok45 is a YouTube star who runs what he describes as a family-friendly shooting channel that goes by the same name. Real name Greg Kinman, he began as an English teacher before he retired and now serves as a YouTuber and the reserve Sheriff’s officer in Clarksville, in Tennessee.

The YouTube star has amassed over 4 million subscribers on his channel which also has an overwhelming engagement. Apart from YouTube, Kinman also shares his videos on Full30.com, covering everything from guns to hunting, as well as shooting, and much more. He is also a gun-rights activist who joined in the 2018 rally at Statehouse to protest against proposed restrictions on firearms.

Who Is Hickok45 (Greg Kinman)?

As stated, Hickok45 is a YouTube star who is known for his channel about guns and shooting. While that is the name that he has mostly come to be known with, he was born Greg Kinman in 1950.

There is no available information as regards how he was brought up. This is mostly because his life revolves entirely around his career. He first started out as a middle-school English teacher in Tennessee and later worked as a sheriff auxiliary officer for 10 years before finally calling it quits.

With his experience as a former law enforcement officer, Greg Kinman is very much knowledgeable on guns and general firearms, as well as other safety measures. He decided to tap into this to start his own gun channel on YouTube that would cover various gun-related topics including hunting. His videos have not only turned out to be informative but also entertaining with some douse of humor, helping him to build a great fan base.

While there are many other YouTube channels on Guns in the US, Kinman’s channel stands above all others with more than 4 million subscribers. The channel first began in 2007 and has kept growing steadily over the years. Apart from its great number of subscribers, the channel is also enjoying a good engagement, having pulled in more than 1.4 billion views since it was started.

It has not always been a very smooth ride for Hickok45 as in 2016, his channel was briefly shut down after he allegedly violated Google’s policies. However, it was restored less than 24 hours later. Before then, the suspension had already sparked the #FreeHickok45 campaign on social media in support of the YouTube star.

The channel would be shut down again in the same year and later in 2018 for some hours before it was brought back. It was shut down in 2018 after the giant vlogging platform changed its policies to ban videos that intended to sell firearms or some firearms accessories.

Hickok45 Net Worth

As regards his net worth, Greg Kinman, who enjoys some sort of cult-like followership in his niche, is said to be worth $2 million. He made his fortune from his various engagements, but most especially, his career as a vlogger with a very successful YouTube channel that has more than 4 million views. He also enjoys some decent followership on Full360 where his channel is probably the biggest with more than 42,000 subscribers.

According to some sources, Hickok45 is making as much as $365,000 each year from his YouTube channel, which places him at an average of $1,000 each day.

Wife And Son

Kinman is not someone who is interested in divulging a lot of things about himself. In fact, the few times that he gets mentioned in the mainstream media are strictly on issues relating to either his channel or about guns.

Who Is Hickok45 (Greg Kinman)?
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Because of this, there is no information available in the public domain as regards the wife of the YouTuber. That said, he has a son named John Kinman who has also become quite popular for his appearances on the videos of his father. Also a gun enthusiast, the younger Kinman also helps his father in making videos for his channel.

Apart from John, no other member of the family is known. There is, in fact, no information on whether Hickok45 has any other children.

How Tall is He?

In size, Greg Kinman can easily be described as an individual who is larger than life. A clean-shaven man with a mustache, he stands at a height of 6 feet 8 inches. More so, he has an athletic body build that makes every weapon he handles seem like just another toy.

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