Who is Holly Madison’s Husband, How Much is He Worth?

The name Holly Madison is definitely one of those names that people cannot help but mention in the media world. The young beautiful celebrity has gained her way to the top as a New York Times best-selling author, model, and TV personality. She is, however, best recognized for her starring role in the 2005 E! hit reality television series, The Girls Next Door and her 2009 spin-off series, Holly’s World.

Celebrities like Madison have an overwhelming number of fans who may be in love with the versatility, particularly with her roles in the reality series, but a few may know about her marriage to a respectable young businessman. This article will, therefore, reveal everything you need to know about Holly Madison’s husband whose name is Pasquale Rotella.

Who is Holly Madison’s Husband?

Holly Madison is married to Pasquale Rotella, a well-experienced businessman best known as the Chief Executive Officer of Insomniac Events, an electronic music event promoter, and organizer of the electronic music festival Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).

Rotella who was born in Glendale, California, on August 8, 1974, founded the Insomniac Events in 1993 and is today, known as one of the world’s largest dance music and experience companies.

Rotella grew up in the Pacific Palisades with his parents- Italian immigrants Vincent and Irene Rotella- who owned a deli shop in Venice, where he worked as a busboy before he began hosting parties in Los Angeles and charged people $5 for weekly underground raves.

By 1994, being a creator at heart who is driven by his passion for the EDM scene itself and his desire to bring happiness to others, Rotella did everything he could to financially promote his music event. His activities at that time included selling tickets, passing out flyers, and picking up trash to raise money to fund his newly found business, despite the countless police raids. With time, Rotella’s raves became extremely popular due to the emphasis on positive vibes. His excellence in the  EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) continued to speak more about him, drawing millions of people from all across the world each year and thus, bringing in millions of dollars as annual revenue.

Pasquale Rotella’s Net Worth

The EDC which holds its concerts in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and New Jersey has up to 250 thousand people in attendance with notable disc jockeys like Afrojack, Tiesto, Diplo, Avici, and David Guetta, in participation. In addition to the EDC, the Insomniac also runs massive electronic dance festivals like Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, as well as drum and bass and dubstep-oriented events. The events also involved the operation of three nightclubs in Los Angeles, namely —Create, Exchange L.A., and the underground warehouse located at 1756 Naud Street.

The EDC has generated much revenue for Rotella. For instance, since its arrival in Vegas in 2011, the EDC has generated over $621 million for the local economy and even more for the now EDM king as he is called. In 2013, he sold nearly half of his stake in Insomniac Events for about $50 million to Live Nation, a live events company based in Beverly Hills, California. The same year, he joined Interscope Records to form Insomniac Records in May 2014. Insomniac Records is exclusively aimed at distributing electronic dance music.

Today, the business mogul has a net worth that is estimated to be above 10 million dollars. Rotella was even enlisted among the 10 most powerful people in music by Music industry pundit Bob Lefsetz, ahead of Interscope co-founder Jimmy Iovine.

 Other Facts You Should Know About Madison’s Husband

Rotella got married to the famous Playboy Model, Holly Madison on September 10, 2013, after dating for about one year. Their wedding ceremony was held at Disneyland with the likes of Bridget Marquardt, a TV Personality being among Madison’s bridal train.

The couple who now resides in Las Vegas has two children- a daughter named Rainbow Aurora Rotella and a son, Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella.

In 2010, Holly Madison’s Husband’s Electric Daisy Carnival almost had a major breakdown after a 15-year old girl by the name of Sasha Rodriguez, died from an overdose of drugs. This almost demoralized the business as it drew severe reactions from officials in Los Angela which later led to the event being forced to leave the city and move to Las Vegas.

Things got a bit dicey for Rotella when he was accused of giving a bribe of $1.8 million dollars to Coliseum events manager Todd Destefano so he would have preferential access to the venue. He was given a four-count charge which includes corruption, bribery, and embezzlement. The following year, he was formally charged on six counts but four years after, the charges were dropped.

Among those who have greatly influenced Rotella’s rise to fame is Bill Graham, the German-American rock concert promoter whom he admired for his great skills and experience, particularly in promoting the Fillmore trademark and franchise which has now defined music promotion in the US for the last five decades.

Holly Madison’s husband, Pasquale Rotella is the author of a book titled “Insomniac: I make the world dance.”