Who is IWillDominate? His Girlfriend, Gaming Career, Was He Banned?

Who is IWillDominate? His Girlfriend, Gaming Career, Was He Banned?

Twitch gaming guru IWillDominate is popularly known as a professional League of Legend gamer for Team Liquid. Liquid’s renowned Jungler has amassed a great following on the Twitch platform with his impeccable gaming skills. IWillDominate’s engrossing and captivating live streaming of his exploits has pulled weight in the gaming world and has earned him a prestigious accord on the reputable League of Legends platform.

Shortly after reaching his peak, IWillDominate seemed to have gone on a long hiatus raising lots of questions regarding his whereabouts and his pact with Team Liquid stakeholders. These and more we will dwell on as you read through.

Who is IWillDominate?

He was born Christian Rivera on August 13, 1990, in New York City, United States. IWillDomiante was exposed to the gaming world at a very young age which was how his inclination to gaming grew extensively. As a child, he was very much obsessed with video games especially Super Nintendo games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong.

He was not all about video games alone, Rivera was also greatly involved in traditional sports like baseball and tennis while in school. His childhood exploits saw him play for different professional gaming teams. Some of them included Curse Academy, Team Curse, Team Digitals, and many others. It was only a matter of time before he joined Team Liquid.

Gaming Career, Was He Banned?

IWillDominate also played for Complexity/Too tricky. It should be recalled that in December 2012, the gamer was banned from League of Legends as a result of unethical behaviors. Following the ban, he was issued with a one-year suspension from the League Championship. This was the reason for what people called a hiatus from his gaming career.

It was not really a hiatus per se as the gamer spent the time improving and building himself. He competed in other events outside the League of Legend Championship Series (LCS) and also created a new account IWDominate. It was a massive success and it didn’t take long before he started streaming.

After being away from the competitive platform for a little while, he came back in October 2013 to join Curse Gaming as the jungle. The ban was lifted only a month later and IWillDominate was fully back on track. Rivera played professionally for Team Liquid and faced off with notable gamers on the platform.

In 2015 Team Curse soon merged with the prestigious team Liquid, falling under the umbrella of Team Liquid. The team made a 9-9 record qualifying for playoffs.

At the end of the summer split round-robin, Team Liquid finished in first place following their tiebreaker win over Counter Logic Gaming. The liquid then made it to the regional finals but lost. In the 2016 season, IWillDominate announced that he was retiring from League of Legends. He made the announcement after playing one game in 2016’s NA LCS Spring Season.

Who is IWillDominate? His Girlfriend, Gaming Career, Was He Banned?
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He still remained with the organization but was an acting positional coach to Dardoch, his successor. Nowadays IWillDomiante works as a streamer for Liquid. He also played for Dignitas where he was a renowned jungler on the platform.

IWillDominate Net Worth

Christian Rivera has garnered so much in the course of his gaming career. The popular gamer earned over $40,000 from 24 tournaments and has also made income from his other endeavors. IWillDominate ranks 419 on the list of highest earnings for players from the United States.

The player’s time and exploits with Liquid added a great deal to his financial status which has established him as one of the highest-earning players. Reports have it that Rivera earns between $80,000 and $100,000 from his endorsements as well as his income from streaming on Twitch. He also made money as a coach.

Personal Life – Dating, His Girlfriend

Not much is known about the personal life of the popular gamer. This may come as a disappointment to fans who assume that being a gamer also means leaving one’s private life bare for the public. Nevertheless, the Team Liquid VIP has been linked with a couple of ladies. One of them is Rengar Carry.

It has not been ascertained whether the two are lovers or acquaintances but Carry’s name often pops up when issues pertaining to his personal life are discussed. He has also been linked with Fasffy. Loved-up pictures of him with Fasffy have popped up several times online, causing the media and the public to speculate a romantic relationship. However, Rivera has not responded to the rumors.

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