Who Is Jack Matthew Lauer? 6 Facts About Matt Lauer’s Son

Who Is Jack Matthew Lauer? 6 Facts About Matt Lauer’s Son

The character on focus today is one of those individuals who rose to fame due to the popularity of a family member. Matt Lauer is the famous former American TV news anchor and co-host of NBC’s Today show. Our spotlight is on his oldest son, Jack Matthew Lauer.

Since Matt went from being famous to being infamous, a lot of questions have been asked about what he’s been up to and what’s up with his family. There haven’t been many answers to the questions asked but tag along as we feast on what our hands can find about Jack his son.

Who Is Jack Matthew Lauer?

Many have come to regard Jack Matthew Lauer as the son of an irresponsible father. While this is absolutely not cool, the reason is not far-fetched. Jacks’ dad may not have been the perfect father we all thought he was, but the sins of a father should never be embraced as the identity of his son.

On November 29, 2017, Matt Lauer’s appointment with NBC News was terminated over accusations of sexual misconduct. An unidentified woman had come forward to accuse Matt of sexually harassing her during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. She also claimed that the harassment continued after they returned to New York. The unidentified woman was said to be his colleague at work. Matt’s contract was canceled and he kissed his job goodbye.

His oldest son, Jack Matthew Lauer was born on June 26, 2001. The following are the things you should know about the first child of the Famous News Anchor.

6 Facts About Matt Lauer’s Son

1. He’s a Daddy’s Boy

Jack Matthew Lauer and Matt share a very strong bond. We are not just talking about DNA although their striking resemblance never goes unnoticed. Matt has two other children, Romy and Thijs but Jack is his favorite. Jack and his father are close buddies. They are often seen together at games and entertainment events.

Jack and Matt are both fans of the New York Knicks. More than a few times, they have been caught on camera laughing, talking and basically having a good time. They sure know how to have fun together. Jack may not be the famous of the duo but his many appearances with his father earned him the spotlight. What better friend can a son have than his old man?

2. His Mum Is a Model

Jack Matthew Lauer’s mother, Annette Roque was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and an Indonesian father. She was raised in a town near Amsterdam. In her early twenties, she left for Paris as she desired to pursue a career in modeling. Annette is popularly known as the “Dutch Model” but she goes by the stage name “Jade”.

At the onset, she did one or two small modeling jobs. Her big break came when she was contracted by Patrick Lemire, a French modeling agent. She soon relocated to New York City. By this time, she had become a familiar face in European cosmetics ads, J. Crew catalogs, and Victoria’s Secret catalogs.

She met Jack’s father during a blind date in July 1997. At this time, Matt Lauer was already divorced from his first wife, Nancy Alspaugh. It wasn’t “love at first sight” but they had a connection. They got engaged five months later and were married on October 3, 1998.

3. He Knows a Lot of Adult Stuff

It’s no surprise that Jack Matthew Lauer seems to behave maturely for a boy of his age. When you hang out too often with adults, you tend to pick a thing or two from them. Matt has done a great job by instilling good conduct and morals in his son. He even attempted having a sex education session with him sometime in 2017. He, however, tweeted that “the talk” was a complete fail. Guess Jack was too embarrassed to have his father talk to him about girls, butterflies, and hormones. Well, they will both eventually figure it out.

When the news of Matt’s sexual misconduct escalated, you’d think he would want to sort things out first with his wife. Instead, Matt preferred to speak to his oldest son. He didn’t want Jack to draw his conclusion from whatever stories the press had. He would rather he get the tale from him. Matt quickly drove to Jack’s prep school immediately he was sacked and had a long father-son talk with him.

4. He Comes from a Wealthy Home

Before you conclude that this is pretty obvious, did you know that Jack Matthew Lauer’s father was one of the highest-paid news anchors on TV? He amassed a vast fortune of over $80 million while on the job. That’s enough money to last him a lifetime. The family owns a $36.5 million house in North Haven. The beachfront Strongheart Manor was purchased from actor Richard Gere in 2016. Its features comprise a 14,000 square-foot main house, two guesthouses, and a basketball court on six acres.

Who Is Jack Matthew Lauer? 6 Facts About Matt Lauer’s Son
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5. Jack Matthew Lauer’s Family Troubles

There is no such thing as a perfect family. Jack’s family has had its own share of troubles and chaos. In 2006, his mother Annette filed for a divorce. She alleged that Matt had been cruel and inhumane to her. However, she withdrew the papers after 3 weeks and nothing was heard of it again.

Following Matthew Lauer’s sexual scandal four years later, Annette filed for another divorce. The two were spotted on several occasions without their wedding bands. In January 2018, Matt moved out of their Hampton home. He only visited his children during weekends. Once again, it seems like everything is back to normal as the couple insists that their marriage is still intact.

6. What’re His Plans for the Future?

You may be wondering if Jack will stroll his father’s career path. We’ve been curious about that too. The young boy spends so much time with his dad. It’s only normal for their values to become intertwined. Who knows? He may be the next NBC News Anchor in the future.

We’ve hardly seen Jack being enthusiastic about a particular skill or activity, unlike his younger sister. Everyone knows Romy loves horse-riding. She took after her mother as a horseback rider. Romy has participated in several horse-riding contests like the Hampton Classic and other shows in the region. Her parent’s riding facility is a perfect place to explore her horse-riding skills. One of these days, Jack may surprise us with his own skills. We’ll be on the lookout for him.

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