Who Is Jack Maynard, Why Did He Leave The Jungle, Is He Dating Georgia Toffolo?

Who Is Jack Maynard, Why Did He Leave The Jungle, Is He Dating Georgia Toffolo?

Jack Maynard is a popular YouTuber known for his versatility at dishing out funny and satirical commentaries on vlogs relating to real-life issues. He is famous for posting rib-cracking comedy skits on his YouTube channel but before his rise to fame, he was simply known as the younger brother of popular UK singer and songwriter, Conor Maynard.

This Jack experienced a major setback after he started his YouTube career. Nonetheless, he has been able to manage this and has been on a constant rise. In 2017, he took it to a whole new level by becoming a regular radio Host for Capital FM. Let’s learn more about him…

Who Is Jack Maynard?

The popular YouTuber was born on the 23rd of November 1994 in Brighton, Sussex, England. Little is known about this Brit’s childhood except for the fact that he was raised by his parents alongside his siblings – Conor Maynard and Anna Maynard.

Before rising to stardom, Jack worked as a physical trainer at a local gym in Bristol, UK. A job which he claims is the reason for his sexy body build. Things took a huge turn in his life on the 15th of September 2015, when he decided to set up a YouTube channel that he named Jack Maynard. He used the channel as a platform to post skits, lifestyle vlogs, and funny videos in general. Up till today, there isn’t any information made privy to the media on what motivated him to set up his own YouTube Channel.

Since he set up his channel, he has gone on to achieve such height he never thought was possible. Currently, his channel boasts over 1.5 million loyal subscribers. Also, he has been able to amass over 800k Twitter followers, 848K Instagram followers, and over 30k followers on Facebook.

Why Did He Leave The Jungle?

Because there are lions there and he didn’t want to annoy the King of The Jungle. Just kidding. Here’s what happened – On the 21st of November 2017, fans of Jack Maynard as well as lovers of the TV reality show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! were saddened by the news of Jack Maynard quitting the show after just 3 days since it kicked off.

According to Maynard, he had to leave the show which was being shot in the Australian Jungle in order to answer to the accusations leveled against him. There were several claims on the internet calling for Jack’s head over his use of racist and homophobic language in some of his tweets. Among them was a tweet with the phrase “retarded faggot” as well as an attempt to get nudes from a certain girl on Facebook. When the girl refused, he described her as a “boring ugly freak”.

Although the girl did come to his rescue claiming that they were both teenagers, it wasn’t enough to save him from losing a huge number of fans as well as several advertising client and tons of free products that came with it.

However, on the 23rd of November 2017 (his birthday), he made a video of himself apologizing to all of his fans, and all the people he pissed off through his tweets. In the video, he pointed out that he was very young then and didn’t pay attention to the dangers and hurt his tweets could bring to people. He apologized and promised that he wouldn’t act as such again. The video had its intended effects as fans began a call for the media to cut him some slack.

Who Is Jack Maynard, Why Did He Leave The Jungle, Is He Dating Georgia Toffolo?
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Is He Dating Georgia Toffolo

Jack Maynard is indeed in a romantic relationship with popular reality TV star Georgia Toffolo. At first, it started as mere internet gossip with many blogs speculating that the pair might be dating, citing the amount of time they spend together as proof.

On the 12th of August 2018, Maynard confirmed their relationship via his Instagram page with him posting a picture of both of them and expressing his love for her through his caption. Georgia Toffolo also posted a picture of two of them that same day, teasing him on how lucky he is to have her as his lover.

The pair is still savoring every bit of their relationship. They seem inseparable and it’s only normal for us to hope they stay that way as they both look really good together.