Who is Jane Wagner? Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Bio

Jane Wagner is the highly celebrated producer, writer, and director popularly known for her collaborative efforts as a comedy writer with . Some of her groundbreaking works include; The Incredible Shrinking Woman, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, among others. Due to her outstanding works, she has earned for herself several award nominations of which she has won three Emmy Awards and a Writers Guild of America award. Want to know more about her journey so far? Do read on for more interesting details.

Bio, Age – Who is Jane Wagner?

Jane Wagner was born in Morristown, Tennessee, on the 26th of February, 1935. From a very young age, she became so passionate about writing that she fantasized extensively about a future career as a writer. While she was a student at Morristown High School, she was made the head writer for the school’s newspaper. When she was much older, at the age of 17, she relocated to New York City from the hills of East Tennessee in order to pursue a career in acting. Whilst there Jane also got enrolled in the School of Visual Arts and piano where she studied sculpture and painting.

The inception of her career saw her move with the Barter Theatre of Abingdon in Virginia, on a tour. In the process, she got the opportunity to become a designer for companies such as; Fieldcrest and Kimberly-Clark. In the year 1969, Jane made her debut as a writer on the program CBS Afternoon Special J.T. Interestingly, her work earned her a Peabody Award.  Soon after, she was awarded, Lily Tomlin became interested in her and reached out for a chance for them to work together. To this effect since Lily had a character named ‘Edith Ann,’ one she created for the show Laugh-In, she contracted Jane Wagner to help in the character development. This would mark the start of a life long partnership between both parties.

Together with Lily Tomlin, accolades began to pour in for the outstanding projects executed together. They both won three Emmy Awards as well as a Writers Guild of America award. In addition, they have three Grammy Award nominations due to their impressive work on a good number of comic television specials. Some of the works written by Jane Wagner include; The Incredible Shrinking WomanMoment by Moment (which had Lily Tomlin and ). Jane also directed both movies.

Ever since the wowOwow.com website was launched in the year 2008, Jane Wagner has been a valuable part contributor and content provider for the website. Moreso, being that the site concentrates more on issues relating to women such as gossip, politics, culture among others, Wagner found it quite easy to keep up with due to her passion for creating contents women love to read.

Net Worth

Jane Wagner is no doubt a veteran as she has been writing scripts, directing and working as a producer in Hollywood for decades. More so, her works as a comedy writer have made her a very wealthy woman due to how buoyant and lucrative the comedy industry is especially at the time she began her career. All these and other undisclosed investments put her net worth at a whopping $10 million.

Family – Is She Married?

Jane Wagner has been in a romantic relationship since the year 1968. Interestingly, she has been in this relationship with just one partner in the person of Lily Tomlin. This, therefore, indicates that Jane is a lesbian. For the time the pair were together, it was an open secret that they were dating, however, they didn’t want to go as far as getting married because such relationships were still largely unpopular as at the time they met. In the course of time, the pair walked down the aisle on the 31st of December 2013 and they appear not to be any sign of friction in their union ever since.


In terms of her height, Jane Wagner’s exact height is unknown as she is yet to provide such information publicly, not that she is concealing it anyway. However, from her pictures and live appearances be it on red carpets and or functions, she stands above 5 feet, a height which is a good height for a lady.

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